Can I trash this damn transformer? PLEASE

I have a REL subwoofer which integrates perfectly with my two channel system. I only problem is that my REL "Quake"
subwoofer is British and comes with a ugly black transformer to convert the power to 110. What would be involved with re-wiring the sub so I wouldn't need the unsightly transformer?
Thanks in advance
does it run cool enough that you could just put a bag over it?
make a nice wood box, stick it in box. done. no more ugly transformer, now just wood box stained to match REL.
One way or another, your stuck with "A" transformer, that one or another one. Might as well start to enjoy....
IF you go into Sub to change parts you might just change the sound... If you really like it 'as is' LEAVE IT ALONE. find a box for your tranny.

Assuming it is British 220 - 240 volt you can power it from that service in your home. 60 HZ (USA) is easier on amps that 50 HZ so that part should be good.

I would check specs or call REL first, but I did this in my own home, it's the same wire pull as your dryer and then no transformer, no box, no nothing except a power cable.
AlbertPorter is on to the answer. If you can get the electrician in to add a 240 outlet near the sub.
Maybe even one up through the floor?
GET 110v dump the sub!!