Can anyone recommend a shipper?

I got a little over zealous and bought a pr of Mirage M1 on ebay. They are in Buffalo and I need to find a way to pack and ship them to me in RI. Where can I get boxes that big? What a pain but, it is my own fault and I will not back out of the deal. Got any suggestions?
Fly to Buffalo, rent a Van and drive back!! One way flights to Buffalo from Boston are about $170; Providence $195...
You can then also skip the crating charges and just wrap them in a few blankets.

If not, then look at a commercial shipper. The Mirage probably exceeds the UPS/Fedex size limit. I used a commerical shipper to ship a very large item from Mass to Maryland. I'll try to look it up later (Can't remember name.)

Bax Global is popular on this site, but I think they prefer it to be from a business to a business, so see if you can use both of your work addresses.

I know of others who have used Rodeway with good results.
I had 100+ pound each Alon V's shipped via common carrier (truck) for $200 to crate and $200 to ship, or $400 total for the pair, a little over a year ago. Those guys generally do a good job of being careful with the cargo. The speakers arrived in great shape. Fortunately, one of our office neighbors had a fork lift to remove the pallet from the truck and put it on one of our pick-ups.

However, I kinda like Sugarbrie's suggestion.

Good Luck, Tim
Thanks Guys!
I will look into both ideas.

I've had the best results with heavy items using Bax Global.
See for an estimate. Using their BaxSaver shipping, you can get a pair of heavy speakers across the country and delivered in 3 days. They've never damaged anything I've sent.
I got onto their web site and did an online qoute. I was all excited because the rate was decent. When I called to arrange delivery I was told they do not pick up and deliver from residences since 911. Bummer :(
Oh well, thanks anyway.
I recently used WATKINS MOTOR LINES, INC. 1-800-274-9099 as recommeded by Thiel and was very pleased. Their loading dock was filled with skiffs of computer monitors and other electronics, seems as though they had found a niche'.