Cambridge Audio or Outlaw Audio?

This is a very open question, but I'm interested in the opinions of these two brands.

I'm considering a receiver for a second HT setup, and am considering the two brands mentioned.

Most likely running older Paradigm Titans and Atoms for the system, with the possibility of a mix of new and vintage Boston Acoustics.

The room is small, and none of the speakers are demanding, so great gobs of power is not needed.

I'm more concerned in stereo performance and 5.1/6.1 performance, reliability, customer service, ect.

Thank you.
You could go with an Outlaw RR2150 ($650 new) and go with a 2.1 set-up (front speakers and a sub-woofer). I have been doing this for 2 years in a bedroom system set-up. The associated equipment is a Cambridge Audio Azur 540 DVD player and Rega Ara speakers. The RR2150 has been a very reliable and well performing unit. Scott, who heads up Outlaw's Customer Service, is excellent to work with.

I don't know about CA's HT receivers, but they seem to be well reviewed. Without knowing your budget for a second HT receiver, Sensible Sound just reviewed the Onkyo SR 805 HT receiver ($700 new at J&R music). The Onkyo seems to have a very high spec level and is optimized for 2 channel playback.


I heard the 2150 in NY a few years ago and wasn't all too impressed. It sounds like you want good stereo and surround playback. The Onkyo isn't bad but for a little more I think the Cambridge is a better sounding unit, the 540 is a nice sounding receiver for 5.1 or 6.1.
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Not familiar with the Outlaw, though the one review of the stereo unit I read awhile back was quite good. Having said that, I just pick up a Cambridge 540R. Sounds good and built like tank. But moreover my choice especially for a second system would come down to ease of use as a major factor.
Well not only against Cambridge, but with new Outlaw 990's being reduced to $699, my guess would be that there is very little competition at that price. You would certainly have to spend some very serious bucks (you couldn't even get an old Lexicon at that price) to match performance. I am looking to upgrade my decade old Onkyo DD processor, I guess I am making up my mind.