cambridge audio 840c vs. modwright 9000es/999es

I am wondering if anyone has compared these two units... I see the sony modwrights coming up for $800-$1200 quite often, have heard good things about the 840c as well.... I have a sony nc555es with full sacd.mods treatment by Matt Anker..... and it sounds fine... until I spin some vinyl, that is.
I have narrowed down to either a used modwright or an 840c as my upgrade... any advice? Thanks in advance.
I do have the 9000es Sonymodwright way better than the
999es.I have not heard the 840c.The 9000esmodwright is realy good.
No contest. The Modwright units win hand down. Much more natural presentation with excellent midrange. Though the 840 is nice but it still sounds somewhat mechanical in comparison to the Sony.
Modwright it is!!! Thanks guys!
Your making the right choice! Modwright over the 840. A cheap upgrade are the GE 7044 tubes.