my 9000es is acting strange

It has been in storage with the rest of my system for 1.5 years. How did I survive? I kept my turntable and phono-pre and listened through a Brookstone radio.

ANyway, upon starting the 9000es up, the disc tray was very shy. They typically move slowly, but it wouldn't come out at all. Like a groundhog seeing its shadow, it refused to come out.

THis passed.

Problem 2:

Certain SACDs will not play through. I get "13:00" (disc dirty) on teh display, which is BS.

Bigger problem: Certain hybrid discs that I am 100% certain would play either layer fine in the past will now only read as CDs. THis includes my rolling stones and Dylan SACDs.

I REALLY don't want to send my pristine 9000es to some ham-handed Sony Authorized local repair center. Not that they are all bad, as I am sure that some are certainly not, but I'm not paying someone to fix the damn thing only to get it back all scratched up. (it has happened before).

I don't know if anyone knows of a factory reset, or something of this sort that I could perform, OR perhaps one of these modder-genuises might be able to fix me up.

I know these things had or have as teh case may be, intermittent probs reading some particular discs, however THe Stones and Dylan discs would read fine before. Now I press the CD/SACD button while the disc is loaded and nothing happens.

Anyway, thanks in advance for what I'm sure will be someone's $0.02 that will fix me up.
Could be the lens is dirty or has simply collected dust from sitting so long. I had a similar situation just last week with my daughter's Sony cd player. I removed the cover and gently swabbed the lens with alcohol and then used canned air to dry and dust it. Popped a disc in and away it went, no problem.
Now if this doesn't do the job you may looked for qualified tech help. Good luck
Had the problem too .... try cleaning the laser with alcohol, in my case it did not help nor could Sony ES factory service make it work properly on hybrid discs despite replacing the mechanism .. and scratching the top. They said the machine was designed before multi-channel and just does not read them all. I sold it on eBay and got a Marantz, end of problem.
Check out this thread "Playing dual layer SACD/CD disc on Sony DVP9000 ES" that was posted on 12/22/05.
Sounds like the same or a similar type problem.