cajun zydeco

I just got back from a fishing trip in Louisiana(I think I spelled that right)Didnt like that cajun music before I left but we partied and lived with the guides for a week and this stuff grows on you like pink floyd when you are young and doing things that arent politically correct.

This music stuff was amazing. The moon, campfires, seafood,and adult vices. This achordian(I know that is probably wrong but I think chord and achordian, Its late)music is great, its like a hamond b3 I love to zone. These guys were beyond great.They just didnt have alot of teeth.

The stuff that came out of that thing was a harmonica,blues guitar,slide guitar and I dont know what else. The violin or fiddle as we call it would raise the hair on your arm or neck. Is there any good quality recordings that capture what I had for the past few days?

I mainly listen to modern alternative, I really like cool girl bands, played r&r,I like late nite smokey jazz but this stuff did something to my soul. I love it. I live in the rural country so It wasnt a first time outdoors experence but I need more. Are there any experts in the field

Stopped and bought a cd sampler from putumayo as a suggestion from the chainstore music person and this IS NOT what this white boy wanted. Can someone tell me who to listen to. I really dont like lyrics,but if they are like really really good or cool or if it is really good music thats ok.

Are there some cajun classics that a person really needs to have?, say some of Hank Williams Sr. or Jimmy Rogers address Zydeco LA.

I want the feelin of what I had left behind.
If you dont hear from me again Im somewhere in the swamp.
i'd suggest starting out with wayne toupes for easing into zydeco with contemporary sensibilities and work your way to the real deal - clifton chenier
Terrance Simien. I was fortunate enough to see these guys twice. Very hot stuff and a lot of fun. The two cds I have give a taste but lose a lot in the process. Damn cds!
There are a bunch of Cajun sampler discs out there. Two fun performers are "Buckwheat Zydeco" and "Queen Ida". Have fun!
For the real thing, try the old time cajun singers The Balfa Brothers, and Dewey Balfa by himself also. I have an old sampler of this old time cajun music, purchased mid-80's, that is dynamite. Makes you dance and cry at the same time.
Terrance Simien. I was fortunate enough to see these guys twice. Very hot stuff and a lot of fun. The two cds I have give a taste but lose a lot in the process. Damn cds!
Try Beausoleil

P.S. Unless you speak French, lyrics are not a big concern when it comes to Cajun music.
Clifton Chenier 'cause my grandma was a Chenier. Try "Bon ton roulet" on Arhoolie. It may be a little too authentic if all you have to compare it with is Buckwheat Zydeco, but since you seem to have first hand experience it may not set you back on your heels. Joseph Falcon & his Cajun Band, also on Arhoolie. I have no idea if the stuff is available on CD though. And no, my grandpa wasn't a Falcon... Less authentic, but with roots firmly in Louisiana is Zachary Richard, certainly worth a listen. And by all means, laissez le bon temps rouler!
Check out the Putumayo World Music Zydeco sampler.
The Putumayo World Music Zydeco sampler is very good Also Arhoolie Records ( Floyd's Record Shop (800) 738-8668. Mardi Gras Records (800) 895-0441. Rounder mail Order and Roots and rhythm, Inc.
wellfed & gpalmer: whoops! did you read the query before you responded? -cfb
Hi cfb,

He might not like the Putumayo sampler but others will. Since there will be a lot more people reading this than Kelton it's worth throwing in. The other links will get Kelton (and others) in touch with less main stream zydeco which is what it appears he's looking for.
If he doesn't like the Putomayo Zydeco disc, he just won't like Zydeco. I think the cajun-creole Beusoleil style may be better for him.

The Putomayo disc is a terrific sampler. I bought several cds of individual performers after receiving it as a gift.

Rosie Ledet's "You're No Good for Me" never fails to cheer me up ("I want you so bad, I want you so bad, and Baby, that ain't good").
Heh, same here it sucked me in about six months ago, and I keep getting more and more zydeco discs. Great Music!
Sorry, I just skimmed the topic text and did not notice the Putumayo reference. God bless.
hey guys, ain't no big deal. i've been listenin' to this stuff for years. one of my favorites in this genre is still rockin' sidney's, "my toot toot." -cfb
She's never quite as pretty in the light of day, you know?
Try something by the artist known as Jimmy C. Newman.

If you are into high energy zydeco you have to listen to Beau Jocque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers. He died about a year ago but I would start with "Git It, Beau Jocque" His style is considered "urban" zydeco. I'll bet you can't stop your foot from tapping! Boozoo Chavis is another artist you might want to check out. Finally, the soundtrack from "The Big Easy" is very good. Enjoy!
The Louisiana Live from Mountain Stage collection is also pretty strong. And you might want to try Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys.