cable help?

i 've recently bought the nak pa7 and ca 7 to drive the ML request ( sometime BW matrix 801 III )what's a good interconnect for the match.
I listen to 95% classical 5 % jazz.
source :onkyo tuner, sony scd1 and old sony Es cdp ( I think it's 707) .
With digital sources and electrostatic speakers in the mix, I think you wouldn't want cables that emphasize the treble. Also, given the price points for the naks, I don't think you're interested in spending $2000 for a pair of interconnects. I'd suggest the Cardas 300B interconnects, $129 per 1.0 meter pair at Audio Advisor. I'm guessing this is close to your spending limit for a "second system." They're pretty good cables, but I really don't know how they would sound with the naks -- see if your dealer would let you try them at home.
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I have (and continue to) search high and low for high peformance cables at reasonable cost.One of the very best I've encountered under $100 are the XLO Pro 150 (1M). A rare combination of transparancy, detail, staging and musical body define this interconnect. The Pro 125 is a cheaper version, still rather good, but the Pro 150 is definitely better. XLO also have the Pro-100 interconnect that offers greater bass extension and dimensionality, but surprisingly doesn't seem to have as good transparancy.

If you can swing the extra dollars consider the Kimber SELECT series of interconect KS-1011 (single-ended) or KS-1111 (balanced).

peter jasz
I own ML requests and Krell gear and use Pure Note Epsilon Reference cables. These cables are very good for revealing the complexities of orchestral recordings.
Good luck in your search.
Go look for a good used pair of cables and you will get better performance than new in your price range. Used Harmonic Technologies, etc.