Cable break-in

I have heard that new cables require a break-in period of at least 100 Hours. I just purchased new speaker, amp ICs and sub-IC. Are the break-in periods roughly the same, and does it matter what volume they are driven at?
It is more like 330 hrs.
Yes the break-in time is about the same.
Volume should be at normal listening levels.
Simon, go to the Cardas cables web page. There is a dedicated section on this subject. It will explain the best way to do it and why it's needed. Hope this helps. Hector
Just be patient,especially cardas it takes forever,
but once they burn, the musicality its worth being
patient, with my oddyssey also it took 3 mos,
I almost gave up, once they open up,IMS they perform
better than amp 3 time the price.good luck
Thanks to all ...I am about 150 hours at normal listening level and can hear a difference already ...hope it settles down soon.