Buzzing source

Just got a new mmf-5 turntable. It is being run through a Parasound phono pre to a Audio Refinement int. amp. The table's ground is connected to the ground connector on the back of the Parasound. when I remove the ground wire, the buzzing gets much louder. All grounded plugs in the system are fitted with "cheater" plugs, then plugged into a power strip which is grounded at the wall outlet. Other than trial and error, does anyone know if there is a main culprit in these grounding problems? Should I be trying to ground the table somewhere else? The buzzing is only occurring when the phono input is selected.
Why do you use cheater plugs? Did you experience hum before?
You should be able to plug all the components to the power strip without using any cheater plug, and connect the TT ground to the Parasound.
Another possibility (not knowing if your buzz is a hum) is to try moving the phono stage away from the integrated's transformer, which might be contributing to the noise you hear.
Is there a cable box nearby? You may be getting a groud loop issue in there somewhere.
When your TT, amp/preamp etc are all on what effect does it have if you touch the ground wire (connection)going to the stylus with the tip of a tooth pick or pencil or some other small object? Does it improve or stop the buzzing?
When I upgraded my receiver to the integrated amp, I had a ground loop problem. Since then, I've had to put cheater plugs on most 3 prong plugs. It's almost as though it's a different sound though. The ground loop problem before was more of a hum, whereas this is more of a buzz. The buzz does not change intensity when I touch the groung post. The buzz gets much louder when I take the ground wire off. As a test, I went outside and disconnected the cable where it enters the house, no change..
This might be kind of funny, but it happen to me. Is there a lamp in the room or even worse, a dimmer switch?

BLR may be right lamp with short or dimmer switch could definitely do this. Check the things plugged in on the same circuit and then start removing things one at a time. See if you hear the diff.