Anthem AVM20 remote control buzzing

I've got an older AVM20 preamp (still sounds great) and the remote control just started making a constant annoying buzzing sound that won't shut off and is loud enough to hear during music. Is there a way to fix this or am I left searching for a replacement? Anthem says the factory one is $129 but would like to spend a lot less; only need basic functions. I like direct access buttons like the one that came with the preamp versus screen/menu types like Pronto. Thanks...
You could invesigate if Harmony can be programmed for this device but it will probaly cost you close to what the Anthem remote does.
Are you stating that the remote itself is producing the noise or the pre-amp? If the handheld remote is buzzing and I am assuming you have tried removing the batteries for a minute or two and pressing all the buttons to remove any capacitance energy stored,t hen new batteries reinstalled? If that doesn't work can you open the remote case and check for loose parts? I have never heard of a remote making any noise other than "crunch" when you accidentially step on one.
Why not try a $15-30 universal learning remote.The kind you point your old remote at to teach it new codes.That way,you can have the buttons do what "you" want.Walmart even a possibility.
Thanks for suggestions. Theo the buzzing is from the remote not the preamp and loud enough to disturb listening; the remote still functions although no buttons light anymore; batteries have been replaced; the remote case does not open easily and looks like it would have to broken open, which I may try since it would be a useless remote anyway. It started as a high pitch whine now is an annoying constant buzzing. Anthem says unusual and that Pronto has Anthem codes but I like the hands on style versus menus. They also say to check the Harmony line as they may have Anthem codes or I may look at a learning remote. Thanks again.
Weird, isn't it, totlvsns? I don't have much to add except a "Me,too!". I found your seven-year-old post while searching for solutions to my own continuously buzzing AVM 20 remote control. The device has been in storage for three years (batteries removed) but was resurrected yesterday for duty in a new, dedicated audio room and will mostly be used to serve up multi-channel music. So far, I have just been popping the batteries in and out as I use it but I may pick up a cheap, used Harmony. I have read it is possible to get a Harmony to work with the AVM but it may require some effort. I, too, prefer direct access buttons although there is a learning curve to the AVM 20 remote that I keep having to re-learn since I don't use it that much - so, maybe I'll not notice much difference using a Harmony. Then again, maybe I will just continue to pop batteries in and out.