Buying a New Cartridge

I have my choices narrowed down to four cartridges.

1. Grado Reference Platinum
2. Ortofon 2M Blue
3. Audio Technica AT440MLa
4. Denon DL-160

I like the idea of the nude diamonds on the AT and Ortofon. In addition, I am currently using a Grado Green and tend to like the Grado "house sound", however, I wouldn't mind a change either. I would like to hear your opinions on which of these would be the best choice. I will be using it into a restored Scott 299(A) with a restored phono section. I say this because I would like to hear as much detail as I can since I will get some good natural warmth from the amp and phono section.
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My 2 favorites, depending on price are Clearaudio Aurum Beta S and Goldring 1012. The Goldring is 1/2 the price but there is a noticable difference.
I believe that the DL160 is also a nude mounted, grain oriented, stylus. All are good choices, audio Darwinism at work. The AT150MLX is in this price range and is much better than the 440. It belongs on your short list.
I used an AT440 on a Technics 1200 table. It was muddy, dark and difficult to listen to. I repalced it with a Denon Dl 160 and a heavier headshell. Much much better, more natural and dynamic. Very good for the money.

I mounted the Denon 160 on a Rega P9 with 1000 arm. It was off and not quite right. I then added the 3G accessory weight and it really shined.

Zu had some really good prices (1/2 off) on their modified Denon 103R's right now. $300 entry fee, but you will need to buy or build a step up transformer. If you rebuilt the Scott yourself the SUT will be very easy for you. I am building a few right now for a friend and for me.
I had the AT440MLA and it offers great extension and detail with nice balance but had a quality that I did not especially like "mechanical" comes to mind

My Audio Note IQ2 (modified Goldring) trounces it -
at more than double the price...
The Denon 110 is both cheaper and better than the 160. I have had both and this is also the opinion of HI FI Choice in the days when they did serious testing. I currently have a 110 in use with my Scoutmaster.