Burn In Time for TruthLinks

I just got new Harmonic Tech TruthLink interconnects. What length of time should I expect for the burn in period?
...theoretically forever so erase from your brain that within the time they will be better in reality.
My H.T. Pro-Silway MK II changed for the better at 30 hours then continued to slowly sound better up to around 200 hours of use.They sounded stiff and uninvolving at first but opened up and warmed up over time.
Most i/c about 150 hours initially. Then several months of seasoning.
My Pro-Silway mkII took about 200 hours to sound great. And definitely recommend Caig Pro-gold and DeOxit from audionuts.
David is correct, 30 hrs. is good, 200 hrs.is perfect.
Thanks everyone, I will stay away a bit longer :-).
If they don't sound good now they never will. Any changes would be so small how do these guys remember this difference after 200 hours? Are thsy kidding themselves?

Well, quite honestly, I wanted to avoid repeating a previous mistake, so the 30 hours was the important number. In that mistake I wound up dragging my 110 pound speakers all over my living room for two days, and measuring them everywhere since they were unbearably bright with their new speaker cables only to find out that once the cables burned in, they weren't that bright and the speakers sounded best right where they started. D'Oh!
Sorry leme, you are incorrect. This topic has been covered ad nauseam. Check out previous threads, no need to start flaming over such small stuff.
Thank you everyone who took the time to respond. They've finished the first stage of burning in (there was an interruption), and they sound excellent. They did go through a period of darkness which would have had me concerned without your input. Well it did have me concerned, but thanks to your feedback, I just told myself to relax. :-)