Building an Audio/Video Room / Setting-Up Power

I am starting to design plans for building a new Audio / Video Room. The room will be a new 2-story addition to my home (approx 20 x 25 feet each floor). The downstairs will be a children's PlayRoom. The A/V room will be on the second floor (another issue is making the structure extremely solid and sound-proof). Additionally, the 2nd floor will have storage, component racks and a bathroom located behind the wall that will have the viewing screen.

ELECTIC POWER: I intend on installing a Sub-Panel designated only for the A/V System. However, I am interested in a basic outline as to other matters such as POWER SOURCE, POWER CONDITIONING, in-wall WIRING, GROUNDING, etc.

I am not an Electrician, so your basic explanation would be appreciated. In turn-I wish to incorporate your ideas into my plans and hire a competant Electrician.

I recently completed a dedicated media room and did considerable research. I used an equi-tech dedicated balanced power panel. They have a web site and widescreen review used this system in their media setup. There are many threads you can search here for more info. Your room is a little more square than would be desirable. You should review some of these sources before finalizing your plans. If you want to do this by yourself I and others here would be willing to share their experiences. You may want to secure a consultant to assist you. I am not talking about acoustic companies that will rip you off with
home depot materials repackaged at excessive prices. One the regulars here is called Rives and apparantly is such a consultant. You might want to search for his threads they have been very informative.
Ksales offers good advice (a little tongue and cheek as he recommended us, and we do appreciate it). But seriously, the equi-tech is a very good product, very well engineered and I can strongly recommend it if you plan to be in this house for a long time. It is expensive, but it is probably the best designed balances power supply available, and in my opinion worth it for the long haul--one item you will not be upgrading. In regards to hiring an acoustical consulting firm like ours, even with my very biased opinion, it is money very well spent. For new construction, it is a pitance of the cost and results in a far better listening room. Please visit our website at
The most important is good stabilized power. So you need numerous "home runs" each 20 amps min. Two 220v dedicated systems and two 30amp outlets each with its own breaker. With the 30 amp you can run a voltage stabilizer/filter then hook up all your video stuff. Your amps will run better off of dedicated 20 amp circuits and depending on what you are going to run maybe 220 volt circuits.

It's cheap to do the extra wiring now vs later.
30A receptacles (NEMA 5-30R)would require changing the plugs on your eqpmt, unless, of course, your stuff has 30A plugs already (very highly unlikely). 30A ckts are overkill for consumer electronics.

220VAC (240V actually) are useless unless you have 240V equipment - which *is available for selected overseas markets; but that's 50Hz, not the 60Hz here.

Prostar needs to hire a seasoned audiophile/electrical designer or engineer to do a layout.
I think dedicated power and 20amp circuits are more than adequate. Its expensive enough getting to that point.