Rebuilding elgar 6000b conditioner?

Finally found an elgar ac line conditioner on eBay. Anyone have some tips on refreshing these units (and the amp inside them)?

Mine works fine (supposedly), so hopefully I don't need to do a ton. Was going to start by pulling whatever capacitors are in there and replacing with some film caps...

Thanks for any input.
Replace the main filter caps. There are also some electrolytics on the circuit boards that should be replaced.

Its also a good idea to remove the power transistors and reseat them with fresh heatsink compound.  We've also found it to be a good idea to replace the power cord.

Calibration is not a bad idea. But you'll need test equipment for that- DO NOT try to adjust any of the trimmer potentiometers on the circuit boards without test instruments and the calibration procedure.
@atmasphere Much thanks...