Plinth building tools?

I have no woodworking experience, but I would like to have a go at building a plinth for a Technics SP-10 I just received. I am planning on building it from layers of 3/4" birch ply, and I can have the lumber yard make the rough cuts, but what tool(s) would be best for a newbie to use to make the cut-outs?
I would say you best bet is a jigsaw. With no experience, a router may be too hard to handle. You can use a drill for the bearing holes, should be no problem. If you run in to problems, email me and I'll try to offer my sage advice!

The best tool I know of for that type of project would be a checkbook. :)
If you do some research on the internet analog forum, you can find dimensions for the plinth. I have a SP-25 and the hole for the direct drive motor unit is not that tight fit. I like to suggest solid mapple plinth and brass cone footing because that what I like to build for my SP-15 someday.