Buggtussel Speakers - heard 'em?

I went to a small stereo show in Michgian this past weekend and heard Buggtussels for the first time. Actually was first time at a show. I thought they sounded quite good (was the Amygdala) and the designer said they or the Pallidus would work quite well with 300B SETs like mine although room was using a Buggtussel 160 wt SS amp. Anyone had experience with them with SETs?
I have not heard them but I recall Duke from Audiokinesis saying he liked them. Correct me if I'm wrong Duke. The Buggtussels use transmission line bass enclosures which in my opinion is a big step in the right direction. The transmission line speakers I own are not very tube friendly. This however might be associated with my particular speakers transmission line terminating in passive radiators. I don't think the Buggtussels have passive radiators. My speakers bass isn't controlled enough unless the amplifiers damping factor is 500 or better.
I heard them at CES and liked them very much, but they seemed a little bright to me (maybe more than a little). Did you notice that Tomryan? Could have been other factors at fault.
I have heard them twice at a dealer frined of mine here in New Jersey. The ones I heard where the $7K models, forget the name. He had the Atma mono blocks on them and then these little digitla amps 100 wpc called the flying moles ($700 for the pair) and I have to say that those little SS digi amps were exceptional at lower volumes. Warmer than the tubes. The speakers probably won't be optimal with low powered SET amps if you like some volume but overall they are extremely musical, easy to place, and have a very nice sound.

Happy Listening.
BigKidz..I've seen more and more talk about these little digital amps.It's amazing what they can do for their size.Here's a review on them http://stereotimes.com/

Times are definitely changing!
Gonna be a whole lot of Big Iron amps re-purposed into boat anchors in the next few years. Well, perhaps.

Yep that is what I heard, cannot push them to hard or at louder volumes but if you listen at reasonable levels and have easy speakers to drive then for $700 bucks you are in. They have an organic sound and nice soundstage but won't be the best amps at depth and individual notes.

Happy Listening and don't go by the reviews, ever!
Drubin - I thought maybe there was some brightness but the amp being used a big SS type with a silver faceplate, made by Buggtussel. However, I heard a couple records which sounded very good and no brightness at all. The speakers do use a metal dome tweeter and these can have some hardness if not addressed by designer. I think they may work quite well with any number of good tube amps but maybe not SETs.
Tom, where was this show in MI? I am from MI. I have heard the Amygdala's, I thought they were a 'fun' speaker if you wanted to play rock but didn't have the refinement of the N803's I chose, or others. E-mail if you want more info.
I heard them at C.E.S. this year - I was impressed on a few counts but also disappointed. After having listened to about 10 or 12 other speakers that day (including Wilsons, JMLab Be's, and others) I was amazed at the "presence" of the piano concerto they were playing - it sounded very, very live (as in real) - more so than most I have ever heard. I guess it was a combination of soundstaging and articulation. The only thing I was disappointed with is that the drivers seemed cheap for the price - I only noticed it soundwise in the tweeter though (there was a certain haze or high octave tinniness - and I have had speakers with metal domes before that I did NOT notice such a sound). If he added a better tweeter I think he'd have a real winner. That said, I do think they are great speakers, but one of those kinds that you must decide you like what they do better than others, otherwise you might tire of them. I do not believe they were hooked up to tubes when I listened, but I could be wrong.
Yup - Very very nice speakers. Highly recommended. They don't require a lot of power. The bass is responsive anywhere from 10 watts to 200 watts. A real nice sound stage and presence as well. They seem bigger than they are. The tinnyness was probably due to the speaker wire. I was using anti-cables at first and noticed it from time to time.

If you can find a pair - get em. You won't be disappointed.
Well it's only been seven years. You think he found a pair yet?