Budget speaker cable for my Usher S-520

Would like to hear your recommendation for a pair of budget speaker cables for my Usher s-520 bookshelf speakers. Thanks!
What's your budget?
I'd say under 100 for 8ft
Signal Cable Classic comes to mind in that price range. Like everything else, you need to hear them yourself to make an informed decision.
Canare 4S11. I replaced some very expensive cables in my he-man rig with these and couldn't be happier. Retails for about $1.50 a feet unterminated and is very easy to terminate yourself or some places sell it predone for not a whole lot more.
I have tried a lot of homemade and fairly expensive speaker cables, but the most consistent cable I have used with many amps and speakers is Kimber 4TC. Find a used pair at your price, and you will have a great cable.
I have Usher 718. I have used bluejeamscable.com (Canare 4S11), who will custom make cables to your specs. I have also used Audioquest somethings---good and inexpensive.
Thanks everyone. I went ahead with BlueJeans cables.