Buddy Rich Swingin' New Big Band LP

Hey Folks,

Fortunately for y'all I have not been here in a while so I would first like to say that I hope you are doing well and good. 

Anybody know good suppliers that I might check for a clean copy of the Buddy Rich Swingin' New Big Band LP?  The ones on Ebay are overrated and all but one look to be well worn.  There are none for sale here.  There is one on discogs that is overrated as well.

Yes,  I did do a websearch and am not finding anything that looks of high quality.

Robert A. Ober
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The best supplier of Buddy Rich records for me so far was always Good Will or similar stores where you can find them for less than buck per piece in very nice condition. Just keep lookin'
Did a quick search and found this sealed copy advertised for $8.50. I have no experience with the seller. Keep in mind that there have been 14 different releases of this album. so the cover may not look just like the original.


Thanks folks,  I found one on Amazon and bought it but I suppose I will get the one on Musicstack as well.  I don't recall buying from there but I did discover I have a login for that site.

I really should get out to the Goodwill and estate sales.

Take it EZ,