Buddy Miles

George "Buddy" Miles passed away February 26 2008 in Austin at the age of 60. A child prodigy, he was most famous for playing in Jimmy Hendrix's "Band Of Gypsys". As a teenager he played in a number of bands including The Ink Spots and The Delphonics. In 1967 he started the Buddy Miles Express until joining Hendrix in 1969. His signature song was "Them Changes".

I heard Billy Gibbons today say "The thing about his drumming was how fierce he played. He was like a fighter. When he would do a rim shot it was like a shotgun going off". Hopefully He'll soon be playing with Hendrix in Rock and roll heaven.

Cheers Larry

Thanks for the post. I found him to be a very fine drummer and I always enjoy my Band of Gypsys recording.

God rest your soul mr buddy miles,those were some special days.
there is an incredible two-fer of the electric flag with buddy, bloomfield, gravenites, etc. two masterpieces of late sixties blues/rock. it doesn't get much better.....buddy was also the lead voice on those california raison commercials.....
My favorite Buddy Miles was his work in the Electric Flag. They were truly one of the great American music bands. I wonder if I can find my copy of "Expressway To Your Skull'?
Rest in Peace Buddy.