Brystrons NEW BDP-1 Digital Player

This new product from Bryston caught my attention while researching for a Dac. This is Brystrons front end digital player and is for use with their dac or any dac. Since this is so new to the MFG website it does not yet list a user manual for download.I read their description of what it is and how it works EXCEPT how an Ipad or in my case a Mac Book can be used as a remote.They it will work but not how it is done.Any Dealers out their have one of these or an enduser? Would really like to learn more about it. Hope someone is in the know.
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Besides the sound quality,which is suppose to be very,very good. I like the idea with the thumb drives as you could catoragize say a half dozen of those and put say one for:
rock ect,very convenient for sure.
Perhaps next week I can do a home audition.
Bob_Reynolds Thanks for the link this is sure to answer all my question and more. I will be glued to it for some time for sure,
I have been using the bryston for about a week now. If you are using an ipad or ipod touch , download the mpod app. Bryston has its own interface but it is pretty basic and slow.
One thing I saw on the Bryston Circle on Audio Circle - noise (or was it jitter?) was measured higher when multiple USB hard drives were connected vs one at a time. So I guess for the best SQ possible, only connect 1 drive to it at a time.
Acheung Do you use any thumb drives or an attached HD? I'am wondering how many minutes of play time you can get from a 16 GB thumb drive if it was full? If your'e not sure anyone else Know? If you use an attached HD I assume each time you turn the unit off and then back on it must rescan the HD before it will play correct?
I have not used a thumb drive except for the included bryston sampler thumb drive which only has 5-6 songs on it. I have 120 gig solid state hard drive and 350 gig regular hard drive. How many songs will fit will be determined by what format you are ripping to ie mp3, wave, flac, and by the resolution of the original source (16bit 44.1 khz, 24 bit 96 khz etc). If you google 16bit vs 24 bit ,you will find your answer. The bdp-1 does have to scan the hard drive each time it is turned on. One of the weakness of the bdp-1 is the time it takes to turn on (ie it boots up like a computer) and the larger the your music library is, the longer it takes to load.
Acheung Thanks for the info. Gary