Bryston preamp/prepro X roads

I'm at a X-road now where I'm wanting a dedicated preamp,
Bryston BP-26.i'm wondering how much of a musical step up the
26 is to say the Bryston sp-2(prepro).
What I have now is a Arcam av-8 which I use for both music and movies.
what I have for gear is the AV-8,Arcam-139-dvd,BCD-1,28B-SST-2,Revel 50as,ect.
I imagine a dedicated pre would be better,but by how much musically,Thanks.
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You could add the BP-26 to your existing setup driving the front left & right channels and continue to have the Arcam do the HT processing and drive the center and rears (you just need to set a reference volume level on the BP-26 for when you're in HT mode). I always thought it best to keep the HT circuitry separate from the 2-channel signal if space allows, and this way you could have the best of both worlds.
Thanks for the reply back.I have read that a few times,
I'm wondering how much a step up would a preamp be from my Av-8 or a SP-2.I'll have to audition some and find out.
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Hi Bob,as far as prepros(I use the AV-8)non HDMI.
Do you think a dedicated preamp is better musically than a
prepro.I am going to the city this week to bring home a 26 to audition for a few days,how old is your 26 by the way,not that it matters as Bryston has a excellent warranty,Thanks,Don
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