Bryston preamp/prepro X roads

I'm at a X-road now where I'm wanting a dedicated preamp,
Bryston BP-26.i'm wondering how much of a musical step up the
26 is to say the Bryston sp-2(prepro).
What I have now is a Arcam av-8 which I use for both music and movies.
what I have for gear is the AV-8,Arcam-139-dvd,BCD-1,28B-SST-2,Revel 50as,ect.
I imagine a dedicated pre would be better,but by how much musically,Thanks.
You could add the BP-26 to your existing setup driving the front left & right channels and continue to have the Arcam do the HT processing and drive the center and rears (you just need to set a reference volume level on the BP-26 for when you're in HT mode). I always thought it best to keep the HT circuitry separate from the 2-channel signal if space allows, and this way you could have the best of both worlds.
Thanks for the reply back.I have read that a few times,
I'm wondering how much a step up would a preamp be from my Av-8 or a SP-2.I'll have to audition some and find out.
I believe Kal reviewed the SP-2 quite a while back in Stereophile and his comments were something like it was good enough to be used as an analog preamp. You might want to read the review. Regardless of how transparent the SP-2 is it doesn't have room mode correction nor HDMI support.

I'm heading the other direction... I plan on selling my BP26 so I can access room mode correction via an Integra pre/pro.
Hi Bob,as far as prepros(I use the AV-8)non HDMI.
Do you think a dedicated preamp is better musically than a
prepro.I am going to the city this week to bring home a 26 to audition for a few days,how old is your 26 by the way,not that it matters as Bryston has a excellent warranty,Thanks,Don
Hi Don, I really have no idea. I'm sure examples of each could be found to support either side of the question. Several years ago I decided to focus on components that have the largest impact on the sound of a music system. From my perspective that's speakers and the room. I'm quite happy with my current speaker system and so dealing with the room is my next goal. Thus, a pre/pro with room mode correction.

I bought my BP26 new in August 2006.