bryston bcd-3 vs cambridge 851c

im thinking of buying 1 of these 2 players,has anyone compared these two
It depends , Please give more details on your system .
i have a Cambridge 840w amp,840e preamp,adcam gcd-750 cd player,b&w 683 speakers
It’s hard to advise you because the Bryston bcd-3 is slightly better as standalone cd player but on the other hand the Cambridge 851c can be better match to your system because you already have Cambridge amp & pre and this cd can function as independent dac as well for your other digital sources .If I were you I would by the 851c.
ok thanks,,i have a friend who is going to let me listen to his musical fidelity A5 this weekend so there is another player in the mix,im comparing adcom gcd-750,Cambridge 840c,there pretty close,thanks again,,kris
Musical Fidelity A5,Adcom gcd-750 and Cambridge 840c are old models I wouldn’t buy them. you have to consider new models as the 2 ones you suggested because at the last 3 years there is huge improvement at the internal dac and servers inside the CD players.
ok thank you for your input
if there has been huge improvement in the last 3 years, it might be relevant that the 851C is a 5 year old design, even though it’s a current model it came out in 2012. The BCD-3 was released in early 2017 I believe
Sorry I meant at the last 5 years anyway the 851C is their top current CD player.