breuer 5c tonearm

there is not much info to be found on this arm. i'm in the process of mounting it to my micro seiki rx 1500. i have sent my phono cable out to be re-terminated for the din connection. the din on the arm seems to have thicker pins than the standard din plug. anyone else have any experience with this arm? general recommendations? please share any experience that you have had with the arm.
It was possibly the top arm of it's time but very limited distribution. I can't recall having seen one. Sumiko's "The Arm" was supposidly inspired by it. I'll try to find a test but I don't recall any. Stan
i did have it installed on my micro ddx1000 with a benz H20 and loved it. so i thought i would displace my micro seiki max 282 with a benz ebony with the breuer to see what it would do. thanks for the reply.
Corby, wow. I mean woooowwww. You have some great arms there. The Breuer arms are still being made as they always were, one at a time, by hand:

You may be able to correspond with Breuer himself or the importer if you have questions.

Again, wow some find arms there; I can only dream..........
i bought the max and the 1500 new back in the 80's. great combo. i bought the breuer used recently and it sounded incredible on the ddx, hence the move to the rx1500. i know jody of globe audio well. can't afford the new breuer (yet....). i think that the 9" breuer will blow away the 12" micro seiki , from what i've heard already. i'm just waiting for the cable and some machining of parts to fit the breuer to the 1500. there's something special about the breuer.....
Corby, please update this thread when you have had a chance to compare the two heavyweights, it would be greatly appreciated.
I have heard the 5, 7 & 8 by breuer - the breuer derived brinkmann 10.5 beats them all.
well i finally got everything together to mount the breuer on the micro 1500. i would not have ever thought that there would be so much improvement possible in changing tonearms. comparing it to the max 282, the breuer sounds alive. tremendous depth of soundstage and tons of life in the highs and mids. vocals are real, piano is real, bass is tight and defined. what a beautiful arm. the max has a new home on my ddx because the breuer is now at home on my rx1500!

Brizonbiovizier, can you expand on your statement about the brinkman? i'd be interested in understanding what differences you heard. thanks.
Corby, why not start a "systems" page here on Audiogon, so that we can do a bit of drooling. That's some awesome tables that you have there.
I owned a 5 for more than 10 years in the 90s.It replaced a Fidelity Research 64fx in my system.I found it significantly better than the FR making that arm sounding flat and lacking in detail.

For a long time the Breuer was mounted simultaneously as a Goldmund T3 on a Goldmund table. On the odd occasion that the T3 worked it showed the Breuer to be somewhat lightweight sounding with well defined but not very powerful bass, lacking in dynamics and with quite a narrow soundstage getting even narrower at the back.

I always had a nagging suspicion that the 5 geometry was not quite correct. It is the only arm I ever owned that had audible end of side distortion,no matter how many times I remounted it.Interesting that all the later Breuer arms were longer than the 5.

Despite that I still miss the 5. It had a delicacy and beauty to its sound that I have never heard since.BTW cartridges used with it was an EMT vd Hul and Koetsu Onyx.Despite huge differences in weight both worked very well.
i posted some system pics under "corby's system(s)" in the all out assault section. enjoy...thanks for the prompt
Corby.........ooohhh, thanks. That's way cool. Are those angled mirrors above the turntables? I must've missed the bus, mine are over the bed, next to the pole. LOL. Did the dog get to your DIY speaker directions before you could put the woofers and tweeters in there? Just having a bit of fun. I think that the rig looks just fabulous, the DDX-1000 is a blast from the past. I used to own one, still have an MR-711 in the closet somewhere. Thanks again, and good luck with the chase.
I have a 5A (which is the arm) and the 5C (which is the fluid damping 'accessory'). As the plinth of my SP-10 is too high to allow the installation of the 5C, it still sits in its box. I have complete literature from Breuer (with whom I corresponded, back in the 80s). Let me know what you need and I'll scan/copy/whatever.

According to me Albert (Porter) is the best source for any questions

about Breuer himself as well his tonearms. Albert was importer for

the USA as well personal friend of Breuer. Back than I could not

afford ''whatever Breuer'' but well the so called ''beter Breuer''

(aka Sumiko 800, ''the arm''). Among other ''curious'' characteristics

Breuer was very obstinate. This is usual by people who ''knows

everything better''. So, for example, he refused to provide his

customers with any additional counterweight...

The Sumiko is made in cooperation between David Fletcher (the

engineer) and master machinist Demian Davidson. The arm is

hand made by Demian from 160 parts. The number was limited

to 500 samples. What is curious is the fact that they made 6

counterweights for the arm meant for carts from 6 till 23 g.

The idea being not only to produce ''universal arm'' but also

that for each cart the counterweight can be put on its ''optimal

place'' as near as possible to the pivot.

Because Sumiko is 9'' tonearm it was not possible to use the

arm with my SL 1000,mk2 (aka SP 10) so I removed Triplanar

from my Kuzma Stabi Reference and instatlled Sumiko instead.

I use Sony XL 44 l , retiped by Axel with boron cantilever and

Shibata stylus. The whole XL series designed by Mori has the

same generator with ''8 form coil former'' but different suspension,

cantilevers and styli.

Next to Ortofom MC 2000 the only MC cart which I bought thanks

Raul's recommendation. Unbelievable cart for about $400

(chakster are you ''listening''?).

Dear @generankin : Obviously you don't took in count that the question from the OP was in 2009 ! and today we are in 2018.


My Gosh, the most carts in the MM thread are from 70is & 80is.

In this context 2009 is more recent and more ''modern time''.