Bookshelf Speakers for Master Bedroom

As the title stated, I am looking for a pair of speakers for my master bedroom. About 20x30 and has about 10 foot ceilings. Looking to setup 2 channel system utilizing a Rotel RA-1520 with Wadia 170iTransport. Also have a Marantz CD6003 in use. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated? Max I would like to spend is $1200. Last question, do I need floorstanding speakers for a room this size as I was not looking to add sub?

Thank you
The right amp can bring out the Bass in monitors. But it depends on the
listening location and placement of the speakers.

Vienna Acoustic Haydn
Usher V-601
Usher V-718
Focal Jm Labs Electra 1007
Dali Helicon 300
NHT speakers for $500 - Stereophile said the best under $1000.
I recently updated my bedroom system using a vintage pair of Boston Acoustics A40's. To solve the bass problem, the a40 has none, I tried a Yamaha YST 150 watt sub. Very pleased, especially since it goes into the desk. Worth a try with any of the speakers mentioned.
I recommend Era speakers, particularly the D4, (which are fantastic and I own), or D5. Both are small, but have amazing range and bass far beyond their weight class. Both under your budget.
try to find some Paradigm Active 20's, plenty of bass, and you don't need an amp then.
I had Dynaudio Excite X12's in my bedroom with a Peachtree iDecco. They had great bass, just enough for the bedroom.
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Thanks for the responses. I had a listen to the Era D5's and I really enjoyed them. Having compared them to Harbeth was not a good idea. I also listened to PSB Platinum M2's and was not that impressed(Sorry!) I am use to listening to my Proac D2 Reponse in the living area of the house and love the sound. Just don't want to pay the price for a master bedroom. Thank you for the PSB T6 advice, I read a good review in Stereophile.
I think Macdadtexas suggestion is excellant;I had a pair of these speakers and they were excellant for a powered monitor;I think there are a couple floating around now as well.
You need to check out Tekton, He is doing amazing stuff with speakers that are way in budget. He is a Builder out of Utah. I bought a pair for my bed room and they are so good that I moved them to my living room. I have sold my Revel F12 and replaced them with his book shelf and Sub. I had 5 different speakers brought to my home from Esoteric, Harbeth, Nola, PSB and Moniter Audio. The Tekton Blew them out the water and cost less, Made in our backyard by hand. I know we all like to read what the Mags have to say but there is a big world out there with tons of great audio gear.
If you can find a pair on the used market, Celestion SL700s. However, they use a dedicated stand.
Caesarpalace interesting speakers with pricing that is tough to beat;you mentioned 5 speakers you once owned and these perform better;especially when I see the harbeth and nola listed these maybe worth checking out;thanks for the info.
Caesarpalace ... which model Tekton did oyu get?
Thanks All for the great choices. As for Tekton, anyone else have these? I looked through the site and see a few that interest me including the Kats Meow!
Just came back from auditioning Monitor Audio Silver RS6 speakers and I must say they were very impressive. Maybe tough to beat at less than $1000
How about a used pair of B&W 805s? That would be right about the top of your budget, and B&W often pairs them with Rotel. I haven't heard them with Rotel, but I do play an iDecco through another amp (Luxman L-507) to mine, and the iDecco sounds somewhat like the Wadia transport, IMHO. My cousin swears by his own B&W/Rotel combo.