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Questions : Selling here for the first time
Thank you so much for everyone's insightful posts!┬áSurely they have saved me a lot of headach...Happy listening 
Pioneer SX 1050 Recommended Speakers
Also Dayton audio has easy kits for first time builders (link on the bottom) If you are really up to it, you can build from scratch and save money! There are instructions for proac response for example - google for them. You can build quality ones... 
Do you put as much effort into your Car Audio?
Despite the wind and the engine noise, I enjoy Nakamichi and MB Quart speakers - thinking of upgrading to Morels though. Of-course it's not your home main system, but with less than a grand, one can considerably improve the quality in your car, al... 
Musical, high powered Amp under $1k
Musicdirect has 60% off on musical fidelity power amps. 
In-ceiling outdoor speakers
Niles audio sound pretty good. Semi-audiophile quality woofer, with transparent top... 
What to do with bad recorded CDs
Beewax, you gave a brilliant suggestion - why didn't I think of that ? The wind and engine noise + speakers no in a proper enclosure all adds up to an idealistic condition for music listening - so I might as well listen there...Thanks for the idea... 
Your First System
What is the solution then? Is there a way to recapture that excitement again or is it gone for good? Please enlighten me... 
Foobar - The easy way to make it much better.
I heard about plugins that further improve the sound on it - do you know of any? 
Does you wife touch your system?
Audiotomb, I came across a good sounding ipod speakers - perhaps your son might be into it. I want one for barbecue and the beaches. Amazon has good prices on them, as well as the ebay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v... 
The BEST system you've ever built !!!!
This modest system is not the most high end i built, but gives me much joy, so I want to share it:Computer to HRT music streamer IIOnkyo M504 power amp and the matching preADS 810 speakersIxos gamma wires all aroundTotal cost used was less than $1... 
12' x 14' room; $10k budget for speakers; help
I love the sound of the classic kef 107 - on youtube, you can sort of get the idea of the sound. If I were buying new speakers today, I would hunt these babies out on ebay or here... They can be had for less than 1k too! 
what matching amp?
I would consider nad gears. If you don't have a quality source, consider this all in one DVD-receiver at a good price:http://www.spearitsound.com/CD_Receiver-NAD_VISO_Five_Refurbished.html 
Best wall mountable center channel speaker?
Vienna Acousticshttp://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/mPW4A5nLdVCMjIIk45C05A?select=v9hP7yFPRoR_HG_3UTED2Q#YGszW_SRs_07pyNdaBHF2w 
Does you wife touch your system?
Elizabeth, doesn't your hubby do some of those stuff for you?At least your hifi will sooth your soul, look good, and make you feel good... 
Pro amps for home use?
I love the dynamic sound - so I am power hungry...