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How much difference in sound?
I respectfully disagree - at least in my listening experience, I found the source to be quite important part of the chain ! The onkyo CDP is holding you back - while the rest of the system is good mid-fi. If you get something like this, you will ... 
How much difference in sound?
If you upgrade the CD player, and cables ( unless you already have good ones ), you might not need to upgrade other parts of the chain. I like the NAD/PSB combo. I would try this before the amp. 
Can I connect directly to a receiver's DAC ?
Thanks for the posts ...Very informative and helpful. 
How much difference in sound?
I would keep the amps, even after you upgrade to something better. There is quite a bit of enjoyment to be had from those amps... perhaps for a second system. I like your speakers too... Your present setup should be pretty good as they are... Good... 
Which DAC has a deep wide sound ?
Thanks for all the posts !The mcintosh is mcd-7000. 
What to do with bad recorded CDs
I guess I mean by un-refined, voices that are husky in an unpleasant way - brought out by a revealing hifi system. In a lesser system, they sounded tolerable, but not on a better system. I might try different speaker as Godbless suggested.Thank yo... 
Swan Diva 5.2f and swan speakers reviews?
Google search will give you results. 
Amp evolution ques. - what comes after a Harmon K?
MF will be a niticeable improvement over what you have now - even with HK pre-amp. Adcom has great reviews - you can google search for them. That will be ok too. Can you bring them home and give it a try, before buying, with your speakers ?That wo... 
Do amps sound better when left on for 30 minutes ?
Thank you for all the replys !I will leave my SS amps on all the time now... 
What to do with bad recorded CDs
Sincere thanks to all those insightful posts !Many good ideas -I will definitely give them a try...Mapman asked me which recordings are bad - I find some of the pop music recordings with syntheciser sound un-refined, as were the husky voices - thr... 
Amp evolution ques. - what comes after a Harmon K?
Amc is not bad, but it's $400 amp, and musical fidelity is in a different league (higher). 
I.Q. Speakers from Germany ????
Monster cable superflex is an entry level mid-fi cable - noticeably better than using just any electric cable, so I would look to other places for the weakest link, and work on upgrading those, and upgreade the speaker cable later, if you want som... 
Anyone know anything about Soliloquy HiFi 5.0's?
They really sing with the right gears ! Good for female vocals.That's good price for them as well. 
Help in setting up my first sound system
B&W and Kef are good speakers.These reviews might be of interest to you :http://whathifi.com/Reviews/Hi-Fi-Reviews/Hi-fi-speakers-Reviews/Rule-Star-Rating-5-stars!9/ For integrated amp, you want to get one that matches the speaker well - some ... 
Amp evolution ques. - what comes after a Harmon K?
I would plan on picking up a nice Pre-amp in the used market if you do get the Musical Fidelity - Pre does make a quite a bit of difference... You don't want a low-fi unit holding you back, in your nice mid-fi system, and that's what the HK would ...