bookshelf for Musical Fidelity A3??


I just recently purchased the MF A3 integ amp and now im looking for a top quality real wood veneer bookshelf speaker
that matches up well with the MF A3.
Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences with the A3
using bookshelf speakers??
Currently, im just using the Monitor Audio S1 speakers, but to
me they sound too forward and in your face with the A3.
My budget is around 1200.00.
I am supposing you had the MA's before the MF. Have you thought about going up the line to the MA GR10? They have real wood veneers. I think they are $1500 new. A good used pair could be had for less than $1200.
I heard Musical Fidelity A3cr amp and pre-amp with a pair of KEF Q1.5's sounding very good. That speaker is no longer in production. It has the Uni-Q driver, but not real veneer, and cost only one-quarter of your budget. Polite British monitors probably go well with forward-sounding MF electronics. Obviously, avoid metal-dome tweeters. Look at Tyler Acoustics, too.
Good luck,
Finishing up my earlier message: Take a look at Tyler Reference Monitors. I believe he offers several choices in tweeters.
I'd recommend Dynaudio's Audience 42. Dynaudio's wood veneers are of very high quality, and match well to any decor. Their price is considerably less than $1200, but that doesn't mean that they're any worst for it. In fact, I prefer the Audience 42 to the more expensive 52 due to the overall balance. They have great imaging, taut bass, and certainly don't sound in your face. They're very neutral as far as I'm concerned. If you wouldn't mind a used pair, consider looking at the Contour 1.3SE, which can probably be found around $1200.

Good luck in your choice and happy listening.
I would suggest the Opera II speakers. They have beautiful
real wood cabinets and offer a warm and detailed sound. No in your face here. I am using a pair of these right now with
a Musical Fidelity 308 integrated. A very rewarding combination.These speakers sell for about $1500 new, but maybe found for less than that. Feel free to e-mail me for a more in depth description of my impressions of this speaker.
I own a pair of Opera Callas Loudspeakers and I'm using them with a Musics=al Fidelity A3CR Preamp an d B&K ex4400 Sonata series amp. I love the sound eminating from my speakers. They produce the most refined midrange and bass I've ever heard in a bookshelf speaker. They are also beautifully hand made of solid African Mahogony, and look and sound like $5000.00 speakers. In fact I think they are better sounding than Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors. The most important factor however is that they are one of the most musically engaging montors i've ever heard. I often find myself listening to them till 4am in the morning. With the right source material they send goosebumps all over my body.