I have gone to Radio Shack and other shops, but no one seems to have a clue what I am asking. I have video processor (Cal Labs) that has 5 BNC outs. My projector has 5 RCA ins. Now, the cable I have is BNC to BNC, does anyone make an adaptor to go from BNC to MALE RCA?

Please help? Until I have one BUILT to specs, I would like to buy an inexpensive adapter (radio shack quality would be fine) but can't locate one????

Am I looking for something that does exsist?


Radioshack has them. I have bought a few before. In fact, I will be buying three more this weekend to convert a BNC cable to RCA male. They have female RCA to BNC and male RCA to BNC. The other place you can try is or I am sure one of them will have it.
You should be able to get them at any well stocked electronics supply store. Go to and find part number 7510. They're $1.50 each.
Sounds like you're looking for a female BNC-to-male RCA adaptor. You would think they should make this and have it at Radio Shack. Exasperating.

As a temporary fix, Radio Shack does have male BNC-to-female RCA adaptors, and you could plug a male-to-male RCA adaptor into that to create a BNC-to-male RCA adaptor. Alternatively, you could use male BNC-to-female RCA adaptors with male RCA-to-RCA cables, both from Radio Shack.

Best of luck with your custom solution.
Hello DAN,
Try VIRTUAL MODE in Shelton Ct. Phone 1-203-929-0876 ask for BRAD (he's a one man operation only one there). He's best reached between 8am & 11am EST.I've bought bnc to rca and vice versa from him. These adapters are the better quality true 75ohm ones.I live about 15 min from him. If you have trouble in reaching him e-mail me I'll go pick them up and get them to you I also have 2 audient tech adatpers that may help,but first trys Brad.Ask him about his other products. Be patient he's a goof but I love the guy.Let me know if I can help.

PS Please excuse my spelling,excessive amount GIN and CORNCHIPS this morning have made key board a bit fuzzy

I will locate them now!!

Hi Dan,

An adapter might degrade your signal quite a bit...ok as a short term solution. Find out if the cable manufacturer will reterminate one end for you in RCA. If not, find a good technician to do the job.
Get a female BNC, a male RCA, 2 paper clips, some twine, super glue, an alligator clip, 3 feet of coaxial cable, a one pound roll of solder, asbestos gloves, a welders mask, steel toed shoes, and a propane torch. You'll need a full bottle of propane.

Once you have assembled the required materials, contact me and I will give you instructions on how to proceed.

Or try Radio Shack

RCA® Male to BNC Female Adapter
Reg. Price $1.79 Brand: Sandmartin
Cat.#: 910-0494
Model: B162
RCA® Plus to BNC Jack Adapter

try this link to radio shack
BNC to RCA is wired this way:
BNC pin RCA pin
1 ground ring
2 pin
3 no connect
I've used the BNC/RCA adapters at Radio Shack. They work fine.
Some people think I will lose something by using an adapter. Is this true to the naked eye? Your experiences?

If you are afraid about quality of using an adapter, then take it to a tech and have the BNCs replaced with high quality OFC RCAs.