Bluetooth Music Receivers?

Looking for a bluetooth music receiver. Will be streaming from an iMac (iTunes Radio, etc.) to a 2 channel system in another room.

I have seen these two devices:

Voiis Stereo Wireless Music Gateway
Belkin F8Z492 Bluetooth Music Receiver

Any experience with the above? Something with better audio quality I should be looking at?
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Just wondering, is there a reason you prefer Bluetooth? Have you considered using wifi and products from Apple such as Apple TV or Airport Express or the Logitech Squeezebox Touch?
Not necessarily a preference for bluetooth but this seems to be the best option for me.

I currently stream iTunes Radio and Pandora from my iMac to my HT processor (Pioneer VX-32) via bluetooth.

I have two other 2CH set-ups at home (den and BR). One system uses a controller/amp the other an integrated amp.

I want to sometimes simultaneously play the same stream on two or all three systems at the same time.

If something other than bluetooth will work, I'm open to learn of it.
You do know that Bluetooth has a maximum range of about 30 feet. Alos, it has very limited bandwidth.
The limited bandwidth and 30' range are concerns. Other suggestions?
Check out Apple TV. If you have an Apple TV in each location you can stream music to multiple locations. Used in conjunction with the free Apple Remote app on an ipod, iphone or even better on the ipad, makes for a very sweet system!

Here is the blurb from their site:

Your music. Your speakers. The perfect duet.
You’ve got tons of music on your computer. But the best speakers in the house are part of your home theater system. Apple TV connects them without missing a beat. Your iTunes music library streams directly to Apple TV. So you can sit back, choose a tune, and enjoy the music.

Get more control with the Remote app.
Control Apple TV using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Download the Remote app for free from the App Store. And with a flick of your finger, browse your media collection. Remote uses the same easy-to-use interface you already use to browse music and video on your Multi-Touch devices.
Nieuwen -- Thank for the suggestion. I considered AppleTV but yesterday one of the "techs" at the Apple store stated AppleTV would not work. I will pick a unit up and try it.
It is amazing, more than once, I have had to explain how things work to the guys in the Apple store. I am sure that in general those guys/gals in the store are more knowledgeable than I am but when it comes to how to use Apple for music and for music servers there is much they can learn at least in my experience.

Give it a go, there is nothing to lose. Now that Apple has dropped their re-stocking fee, if you doesn't work out the way you would like it easy to return it.
Since Apple TV outputs audio via optical connection, what type of device is needed to convert to analogue?
I know that a DAC is the device needed and I see devices starting at $10 and going up, way up. I guess I'm looking for a DAC recommendation at a "reasonable" price point.
I have had several. My current favorite inexpensive DAC is from Beresford? You can find them here on Audiogon from the manufacturer. They start at around $300 and an upgraded version is $350, which is the one I have. I have not auditioned the Benchmark DAC which starts at about $1000 and often become available here. It is a current favorite of many. Check out the web site computeraudiophile and in particular the FAQ. There is some great advise to get started there.
Thanks for the info. I have heard of the Bereford TC-7510 and the newer TC-7520 as VG DACs. I look for them.

And thanks for the info regarding computeraudiophile.