Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver / Adaptor

Hello All,

I need to make a Rotel 1068 Bluetooth-able. Any adaptor suggestions?
Logitech Bluetooth device would do it. several devices available on Amazon. Paul D. of Miami Beach
Thanks all,

ranges from $20-$60. just the internet is the only way to get jazz in the philly area.
I am new to Bluetooth and have experimented with a Bluetooth speaker, synchronizing it with an iPad for OK results on Netflix.

As everyone on this thread would evidently know, the iPad is enabled for Bluetooth and thus able to pair itself with the speaker?

But I dont want to stream from a phone, tablet or computer necessarily.

So my question relates to using or transforming traditional components into wireless or Bluetooth capable.

Are the Arcam and/or Audio Engine adaptors as above able to stream from a conventional audio/CD player or system? If so, I assume that would need to output a digital signal? Optical or SPDIF?

Do any of these devices somehow convert and stream an analogue signal?  I don't need Sonos like menus or multi room flexibility, but would like simple wireless capabilities with the best sound.