How to listen to iPhone/bluetooth through my main sytem

Hello. I have an integrated amp with built-in Bluetooth capability but am looking at a few non Bluetooth integrateds to buy. What do I need to buy to enable my new integrated to play a Bluetooth signal and where do I plug it in on my integrated? Sorry for the basic question, I just can't seem to find the answer.
I assume that you do not have a DAC? Your current integrated has a DAC built in if it has Bluetooth. You either need an outboard DAC with BT or a separate DAC and separate BT receiver. "Wyred 4 Sound" has one of the best outboard Bluetooth streamer/reclocker it’s called the bLink. And it sounds fantastic! You will not believe how good BT can sound. It will however require a separate DAC.
Or for a simpler less expensive option try one of these:
It has a DAC built in for an all in one solution that will hook right up to your integrated amp with an RCA cable.

The Wyred 4 Sound bLink and good DAC will sound better though.
Good luck!
Go to Best Buy. They can help you.

seriously, grab a Bluetooth receiver like a Bluesound node 2. It does so much more.

otherwise cheap BT units are like $70 and go into your input R A jacks on any one of 3-4 inputs on your amp.

but, some research. That’s an easy google.