Big Data, Big Brother

Forget privacy in this digital age. While looking online at an item on Crutchfield’s site, I called their customer service for more info. Without asking me any questions, the sales rep knew exactly which item and which webpage I was looking at. I’ve never done business with Crutchfield before - meaning they wouldn’t already have my info in their database.    If marketing software can do this, just think what black hats can do.  Pretty scary stuff.    
It's too late my friend. I've had similar experiences where I've called some place and they generally knew what I was inquiring about. It's like screen sharing without the permission. Nothing is sacred anymore.

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Buying a burrito at the food truck one time I asked for a receipt to expense it. They used some iPad app for stuff like this. Somehow, the receipt appears on my iPhone. How? I never gave them my phone number. I couldn't think of anything other than the one device read the other. Without me ever knowingly giving permission. Key word being knowingly. Damn apps have so many permissions you've given away so much its not the app that's the product, its you. THEY should be paying US!

I read an article one time where they took an android phone and an iPhone, two of each, and drove around the DC area. One they put on airport mode, supposedly WiFi is off. The other they actually turned completely off. Afterwards they had an IT guy run software listing off all the GPS data generated by the phones. Both phones, on or off, recorded every location in real time. Even the names of restaurants and shops they went into. 

Amazon sells a whole bunch of products designed to eavesdrop and record every sound uttered in and around. Go ahead, DYODD, read up on all the disturbing stories. Amazon also sells a "security" camera that is designed in such a way as to facilitate interfacing with other systems, with face recognition, and allowing people- just regular untrained people- to tag suspicious characters as, suspicious characters. 

China has introduced a system capable of recognizing faces at some astronomically scary rate- a million faces per second. Well there are a lot of Chinese. And they want to know, did you step into the crosswalk early? Did you frown when talking to that official? Or laugh inappropriately? Better not. Because this is no joke. Millions of people no longer allowed to fly, or take the train. They sure aren't laughing.

Neither should you.
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One of these days, it’s virtually assured, DNA will be universally used for ID purposes. I think it’s hilarious, that so many are signing up and actually paying others, to catalog their DNA profiles, family histories and backgrounds, when identity theft is rampant and privacy, a thing of the past. Your personal information, is one of the highest ticket/best selling items on the market, these days. ie: and(more nefarious):
It's like they're trying their damnedest to be telepathic, the ultimate voyeur, the peeping tom you can't get away from. 

I see why some long for days of old.

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Cell phone # is used now, the way social security # used to be used, to uniquely identify each person uniquely.  Then there's cross-referenced contacts, from each phone, matching names and phone # that all apps upload...
Re: food truck. If you paid with a CC that is probably how they got your number. If you use 2FA for the card they have your number.
Stop using phones, computers, credit cards etc. 
This is just the beginning, almost nothing yet.