Bias Psvane we845 for Line Magnetic

I just ordered some Psvane We845 for my Line Magnetic 518ia and thought I remembered reading that they should be biased differently than the typical 845 tube. Can anyone provide insight on this for me? Thanks

I've the same topic here. 
Did you get any answers so far?

Actually I let the WE845 run for 2 months with the same bias as the stock 845 tubes. 
I needed to readjust the bias a few times.
These days I found out that the V2 WE845 can't even reach the middle line at the bias meter, although I've adjusteted the bias to max.

I don't know what to do exactly, need some help here.

@jag5 Switch the V1 845 tube to the V2 position and the V2 845 to the V1 position. If you still cannot bias the 845 tube in the v2 position, you know it's the amp and not the tube.