Bi-wire speaker cables be used as single set

Can a bi-wired pair of speaker cables be used to hook up non bired speakers. If so, is there a risk of shorting out the amp, or even speakers at their terminals??

Am I right to think you can either tape UNUSED amp/speaker CONNECTORS to prevent shorting.... or tape them back against body of the cable??

Any electronic problems using only one set of connectors per side for amp and speakers?? That is, changing impedance of the speaker cable which in turn seriously affect speaker or amp impedances??

Overall, it may not be worth the trouble just to save a few buck a on cable deal. BTW. speaker cables in question are a 14 ft bi-wire pair.
Jim, Are they spade connectors? If so, you can just put both spades for each channel under the same binding post. It shouldn't be any problem at all.
Hi Jim,

No problem at all using both connectors on a single speaker binding post, as long as it can be done in a physically secure manner, and as long as you make sure that + and - don't come in contact with each other. Sonically it might even produce better results than using just one wire, in part because resistance and inductance would be lower than if you used just one of the wires for each polarity.

Taping would work ok too, albeit with sonic results that MIGHT not be quite as good. Although personally I would be hesitant to do that because thoroughly removing the tape residue, if necessary at some point in the future, might present a bit of difficulty.

-- Al
I had a friend who used to put condoms on the unused connectors, seemed to work.