Bi-Wire Jumpers

Just an FYI I have a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica three's I am using Cardas golden reference, never bothered with the Bi-Wire option just listened for almost a year , then on a whim bought a pair of Cardas Bi-wire jumpers. What a difference ! those little plates were killing performance , those Jumpers cost me 100.00 and made just an awesome improvement in just about every aspect of the speakers performance, I was stunned. my advice, ditch those little metal plates as fast as you can. I think now I might just go for a set of Bi-Wire cables.
I Just made experimentation about Biwire and use of Jumper. And I am not sure about biwire speaker cable is as good as single wire with good jumper ? What I have notice is after a few weeks with two pair of good speaker wire (one pair with banana BFA and the second pair Spades) the result is: good details music more in front. I return to one pair with spades connecte to the bass speaker binding post, with jumper to the mid tweeter speaker binding post, result: best intigration of instruments, much more balance music, musical timbre, less in front music as if it is a little center back, I think its more homogeneous music.
My next step, would be overkill, if I use the second speaker pair with BFA banana, also connected to the bass speaker binding post.  There is a little difference between the two pair, one is Straightwire Crescendo II and the other is Crescendo III.  More to come.

akg_ca,  ... However, single wiring will often sound the most musically coherent.  I think you are right with the term "Coherent".

Only absolute comparison is between identical cable used as jumpers or bi-wire. 
My speakers have Cardas binding posts I use the silver jumpers that came with the speakers.