Clear Day silver jumpers or equivalent

Greetings. I'm currently running Clear Day double shotgun silver speaker cables and very happy with them. I would like to find the same silver jumpers. With Clear Day no longer in business after the passing of the owner Paul Laudati (a truly exceptional man by the way) buying a new set is not an option. Would like to find a pre-owned set but if I can't can anyone recommend something compatible in solid silver that won't break the bank? Thanks 
I used to own a set of double shotguns with jumpers. Wonderful cables. I’m going to bet you’ll never come across a set of just the jumpers as Paul really didn’t advertise he made them and probably most stayed with the factory speaker straps. You can make your own easily.

Paul used 18 gauge dead soft silver and did not use any insulation jacket but each single conductor was in its own tech flex sleeve. His trick was air and not an insulator which all change the characteristics of the cable... some soften too much and some make a cable bright. Pick up some Cardas silver solder, some black and red heat shrink and some affordable spades or bananas and you’re good to go. Make them 8” long with 3 conductors per jumper and they’re not twisted. I found the link to the set I sold so you have a picture to go off from. Paul also didn’t buy into expensive ends but less was better approach. Hope this helps.
You could also explore the bare silver options from VH Audio and Tempo Electric.  I own a pair of Clear Day jumpers, but unfortunately, they're still in use.  ;-))
Appreciate the responses, extremely helpful. Actually for a short time I had a set of the jumpers that Paul sent me. Ridiculously low price of $50 or so. I had recently upgraded from the middle of the reference line Onkyo A-9070 amp to their top of the line M-5000R. I also purchased the P-3000R preamp when I upgraded. Had all Clear Day cables including interconnects at that point, double shotguns for the speakers. Was happy as can be and thought my journey to audio bliss was complete for a while. I even boxed up my A-9070 amp to sell it on Audiogon. Then I started to think about how the Onkyo preamp allows bi-amping the speakers. Rather than sell that amp for $600 or so I decided to hook it up that way and found a noticeable upgrade and sound quality. So I ordered another set of double shotguns and didn't need the jumpers anymore. I think Paul on the phone said if you don't need the jumpers you could put them towards the new speaker cables and then he would have them if another customer wanted them. So I sent them back to him. Truth is I don't really need them right now but would like to have a set in case I ever upgrade my amp and preamp and don't bi-amp anymore. With what you have told me I think I could make a set if I needed them. I would probably wait until that time comes now that I know the formula. One thing Paul also mentioned to me is he polished the silver wires before assembling the cables. Hopefully some of you were blessed enough to meet Paul or speak to him on the phone. Just had to make sure you allowed enough time. Usually we'd talk about his products for 10 minutes or so and then we'd talk an hour or two about how our lives journeys have taken us to where we have been, where we were, and where we were going. A truly great man
Yes I spoke to Paul on several occasions and we shared many emails. Paul was a great guy and the very first phone call we had, he insisted on sending my a set of Double Shotguns with no deposit or credit card, but only asked if I didn’t like them to send them back or drop a check in the mail which I did. Later I bought several pairs of both balanced and single ended IC’s and jumpers.  Not many people out there like him. He wasn’t afraid to talk about his faith of being a Christian and knew doing so, people would be watching him and he lived his life as such. I’m sure Paul touched a lot of people’s hearts on his short time here, and hopefully he led some along the way.

Yes Paul did polish the silver wire before going into the TechFlex, but I don’t think it really changed the characteristics for sound, but to prevent or slow down tarnishing. He also burned his cables in before shipping on a cooker.

I doubt Paul made a lot of money on his cables, after factoring in parts and labor, and I don’t think that’s why he did it. He flat out asked me the first time we talked, after he got to know me a little if I was a believer, which I responded I am, and he followed up with he could tell. I think this was his mission to talk to people to find those with no faith and to disciple to them. Sorry to go off tangent on this thread, but I’m pretty sure Paul would approve.