Best World Class System for the Money

Audio Research SP17.
Manley Mahi's
Rega P3
Bel canto VBS/Dac3/CD2
Revox A77
Harbeth 7ES-3

Lots more can be spent, but how do you materially beat it.

I'm listening to a reel tape from 1975 of Tea for the Tillerman and wondering...
Seems you must like your system.
If you think your system is the "Best World Class System for the Money",that's all that matters.It's yours,you should be proud of it!!
Just add a good sub, and stir!
In this price class it's hard to beat a good integrated amp.
Beauty of sound is in the ear of the beholder. And a reel to reel is of exceptional beauty. Happy listening...
Ah, true to 'world class' is a reel to reel in your system. The tape project people will love you. Yes, I am a reel guy.
I feel exactly the same about my setup. Ain't life grand!