Best Web site for Audio.

Part of my continuing effort to pick your brains and the result of organizing my web folders (Geeez). What are the best several Web sites ( 5 max) you know for either audio-tech or music related materials. A site that would really be the MOST HELPFUL TO OTHERS IS, of course, BEST. To start things out.

1)( Real 101 stuff. Ray won't make you an audio designer but its short, fairly well written, and to the point.

2)( World tube Audio Portal is billed as the biggest tube site on the Web and well...I can't find the end of it.

three web sites by audio junkies that I like to browse.

3)( Rod Elliot with all kinds of elec/tech articles and info.

4)( Art Ludwig. Spend 15 minutes here if you haven't already.

5)( Scott Anderson on Coltrane. Nice paper on his development 1960- to his death.

Lots of others but there is 5.

Sincerly, I remain
The most important site for me is All Music Guide. This is a repository of information on all recorded music by every artist in every style of music.

Divided into albums and songs by the artist and year, and features many images of LP and CD covers. It lists all the musicians playing on the album, and what label it was released on.

Or, you may look up a favorite song, and see every artist that ever recorded it and whether it is still available for purchase.

Searches may be done using either the song title, the artists name or by the style of music. Great for looking up that tune that's been running around in your head, especially if you are trying to buy a copy.
Thanks Albert! Didn't use that one and it's great.

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And, of course, there are the Asylum(s):
Thanks for allmusic!!!
Thanks for the great site[allmusic]
Here's a few:
here are a couple of great sites that provide links to manufacturers. the first site also lists publications and lots of other stuff related to audio. the second is hyper-linked:

I second Alberts choice for AMG.I just wish it were a bit faster.
Thanks Albert, Ncarv, and Kelly those are some excellent sites. I have added them to my favorites :^)

A one stop shopping site for audio equipment reviews on the web. It searchs many sites including soundstage,audioreview,planethifi and a host of others. I use it often.


Thanks,Albert for

Thanks Albert for allmusic and thanks Clueless for bringing the topic up in the first place.
Albert, I too must thank you for the Allmusic site. I've searched hours, days, who knows how long for such information and such a site. And thank you, Clueless, for starting this post.
Has forums for several manufacturers, including Boulder Cable and VMPS.