Best way to Connect IPOD to Hi-Fi.

Any input would be helpful [IPOD to RCA].
Was thinking of the Monster Cable, but thought you guys might have a better idea.
I do want to keep the cost under $100, so nothing too fancy.
I am looking for a easy connect.
Not something that requires an external DAC.
Either a headphone or 30pin to RCA cable or a dock to RCA solution.
Going into a Plinius 9100.
Belkin make a decent iPod 'Y' cable (stereo 3.5mm plug to 2 RCA's), about $30. I have one and it does a great job.

For better sound, Apple make a well-regarded ipod dock for about $100, (uses the line-out of the ipod rather than the headphone jack, bypassing the ipod's volume control) and connect that to any line-level input on your amp.
I paid $20 for an Ipod dock out to RCA's. Belkin i think. Sounded much better than the mini out to RCA.
We have had wonderful results with Both Kimber Hero and Kimber Silver Streak.
This cable is available in sizes sizes from 1/2 met 1 met 1.5 and longer if needed. My take on the Hero was nice open solid bass line The Silver streak took on a another level of transparency both are great values and support is 1st class if service were ever needed.
Cheers Johnnyr
Before I bought Wadia iTransport, I used Zu Cable Pivot directly from iPod to pre, and it sounded pretty darn good. Paid about $40 on eBay. Very well-made cable.

Hopefully you have a LOD
Contact Ken Ball at Audio Line Out and get a decent iPod dock-RCA cable. You don't want to tap off the headphone socket, so forget mini-plug to RCA cords. I started with a SendStation because these are pretty cheap, but a custom dock cable is the way to go. Ken removes all the pins except for the three that you need for auio line level, and uses good wire (Jena Labs) and plugs.

most ipods have bad DACs, and bad wordclock,
the nano2g rev1, when heats after a few songs, sounds lifeless.

Ferrari with no engine.