Best Turntable/Cartridge on a Buget?

I have eyeing been a Rega/Rega (super Elys - Exact) combo or a Thorens/Grado(reference series) combo. Sugestions?
Rega, hands down! However, nothing is that easy. What models are you choosing between? What type of music do you like? What is your current set up? P.S. The used market is a great way to get your biggest bang for your buck, and it may open your choices to a wider range of tables as well a quality. However, I would almost always buy a new cartridge, unless I was sure of the status of the one I was pursuing.
Rega for Rock, and Thorens for rest, with Ortofon MC 25 FL. (MC if aplicable).You wont make a mistake if you you go ether way.
I just bought a Planar25 with regarb600 arm and rega exact cart. It is the best $ i have spent in a long time.I dont listen to cd's much at all anymore. If you have any kind of system and at least 1 good ear youll agree. I wouldnt hesitate to buy anything made by Rega. Good luck
Rega #25. Great buy for the money. Try a Grado Reference Platinum. I use with more expensive Grado Reference ($1200) and sound is fantastic. Frankly I believe better than my upgraded Linn which I used to love.
VPI HW-19 JR, HANDS DOWN... Audioquest arm, Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge. Then get a Benz Glider cartridge in a year or two.
Rega or VPI. But if you're in to classical don't use the Rega cartridge. Switch to Grado Reference (or Blue point Special if you don't mind a slight glare in the high end).