Best tube amp match for Boston Acoustics A40 1k?

I'm looking for a good tube amp match for vintage Boston Acoustics A40 speakers; I was drawn to the Sophia Baby, but scared away by reviews stating that the amp would underperform with speakers of less than 90dB sensitivity (the BA speakers are rated at 88.5 dB; 50 watt max). As a life-long solid state listener, I'd like to experience the sound of a tube amp, but am reluctant to spend more than $1000 (and would like to spend less, if possible). I want to replace a Pioneer SA-9500 amp; I'm using a Sony ES333 CD Changer and a Rega Planar-2 table. My listening room is 12x21, and I listen to jazz exclusively. Any advice will be appreciated, of course, and I thank you in advance for your comments.
The steal amongst tube amps that can deliver power is Opera Consonance . I was running a pair of 88db/W/M VSA VR2s with a M100 plus from Consonance it sounded great and was very reliable. They typically cost about $1500 retail but used only about $600. I replaced it because I got a used very high end amp for over 5 times that.