Best Tube Amp For Meadowlark Blue Heron 2

Looking for Tube sound - current Pre
Sonic Frontier Line 3SE and CD Electrocompaniet EMC 1UP with Mac Amp
I have heard the Blue Heron 2's sound good with VTL 450 monoblocks as well as Rouge Audio's Zeus. I preferred the sonics of the VTL over the Rogue, however they are in different price categories. I have owned the Quicksilver V4 monoblocks, however they drove my Nighthawks and never heard them on the Blue Heron 2's.

If you are looking for the liquidity and finesse of tubes, yet the bottom end and solidity of a high quality solid state, coupled with no maintenance or heat- I would highly recommend you look into the H2o Signature Monoblocks.

I personally use the H2o Signature mono's with my Blue Heron 2's ... just sold my EMC-1UP with a First Sound Presence Deluxe Mk II preamp. Very similar setup to yours.

For more info on the H2o Sig Mono's you can read my mini write up (clickable next to my moniker) or read what Srajan at had to say here :
Thanks for the helpful advice on the Amp. I also got good advice from you on the BH2's on your Systems thread .
I have the BH2's as well, and am on a similar search for amps. I am presently driving them with 100w Kora tube amps. They are pretty highly reguarded and rich sounding, but I am seeking more, or maybe a bit less... I have been focused on finding the right SET amps rated somewhere around 25 to 50 watts. The Tom Evans gear, producing exquisitly quiet background should be a nice match with a SET. I have taken to playing the BH2's at lower volume and find that they are capable of getting every bit of the magic across the room to my ears.