Pardigm 60v.2, Meadowlark Hot Rod Shearwater

or Def Tech BP7002
I am leaning towards one of these.
I want to do both 2 chanel and HT with an emphisis on 2 chanel. My listening area is 22x15 with a 10x10 off that. My sitting area faces the long side of the room.

I listen to a variety of music but mostly rock. Want to be able to turn it up when the wife is out, who by the way is more interested in HT.
Have listened to B&W 703/704, Definitive Technology BP7001, BP7004/06(my local dealer didn't have the 7002) and Energy C9. I liked them all. Would prefer a speaker I don't need a seperate sub.
Axiom, Monitor, PSB, RBH, Athena, Theil and Pinicle are other considerations. I am looking for good codition used so I can get a little more quality for my money. Looking at Rotel, Marantz and NAD for amps. Any other sugestions? Thanks in advance for your time.
Gofish: Have you read the current thread "What's happening at Meadowlark?" ? You may want to reconsider the Meadowlarks. Then again I imagine there will be quite a few bargains out there for those that don't mind the risk.

I just bought a pair of VSA VR4 jr's and am in the process of breaking them in. I think the price range is a little different than the ones in your subject line, but our musical tastes and wives' interests are the same. Many people rave about the PSB's value and their ability to play rock, maybe check them out. The Paradigm's also seem to be a good match, but most of the talk seems to center around either the 20's or the 100's.

Good luck.
Well I owned the Paradigm Studio 60 V.2s a year ago or maybe longer and currently have the Shearater Hot Rods in my system. IMHO i feel the Shearwaters to be much more refined, I can hear much further into the music while the 60s can really pump out the bass. To be fair though I had the Paradigms in a 17X15 room and the Meadowlarks are used in a small 12X11 room.
I have also been watching the news about Meadowlark's troubles with interest. The Meadowlarks are quality built so I'm not too concerned about service issues. I'd watch for a good deal on a used pair, especially if you can pick up and avoi shipping, and give them a try.
One other plus for the Meadowlarks is the sloped baffle. It helps give the impression of a smaller speaker which fits into the room more easily. Good luck.
I had a pair of Shearwaters, Paradigm 100's V2 and now have PSB gold. Really depends on the type of music you listen to. Shearwater are hands down (to my ears) better at vocals. Close your eyes and Nora Jones is in the room, almost scary. Soundstage for rock was much smaller, very refined.
The PSB's really rock, truly full range, without sounding harsh. Made rock sound like it should, images good also, but with a lot of work placing them. I thought the Paradigms were more harsh, PSB's sounded sweeter to me.
Hi, I just purchased a pair of the Shearwater hotrods here on A'gon, for a fantastic price. Looking forward to receiving them and installing....they will be driven by the Coda Continuum Unison integrated which is proving to be really natural sounding with the feature where you can trim down the gain on each channel & impart a bit more warmth like tubes. Should be a fantastic match w/the Shearwaters.

I couldn't find the thread about the trouble at Meadowlark- could someone fill me in, or provide the link to that thread? Thank you- Chris.
To make a long story short Meadowlark is not in business any more and the owner can't be found last I heard. The owner apparently defaulted on loans. The speakers though will no doubt drop in price and could be a very good bargain. I don't know if the drivers are proprietary or not but you should go listen to the different speakers if you can as we all have our own preferances. Also your room will have a large influence on the sound of any speaker.
I know at least that the woofer is the Danish Scanspeak, so it should be readily available. I also remember reading somewhere that the tweeter is basically the same thing as the famous Revelator, minus a couple minor components. So if something should happen it seems you will always be able to find a replacement. These drivers are regarding the Shearwater hotrod, which is what I have purchased. Anyone have a link to articles/forum posts about Meadowlark's troubles?
Thanks Chris.
Cnahm: The thread has mysteriously disappeared from the forum...
Here's a link to the same topic on Audio Circle. Agon's moderator will probably do this thread the same way. LOL

Meadowlark Gone Bust
Thanks for all your help and suggestions!