Best speakers around $700 with not much bass??

Lol, I'm sure ya'll are getting sick of me posting about my upcoming predicament, but...

So when I get married in three months and move in with my soon to be wife, i'm going to have to change my music listening habits. I will have neighbors (the family who owns the home) sharing a couple of walls and I'm thinking that if I had a pair of smaller speakers that don't put out gobs of bass like my current speakers, then I can enjoy my stereo more often without bothering anyone. It seems that bass is really what travels through the walls and thisis whats going to bother them.

I like speakers that image well and provide alot of detail. My front end gear is: classe ca-150 amp, lightspeed attenuator, parasound z dac, wadia 170i. I have upgraded power supply for the wadia, a ps audio quintet, and pangea power cords, kef qx 5 speakers. I tried plugging my ports but that isn't going to cut it.

I'm thinking some small totems or ??

I amgoing to get a headphone rig, but I want to be able to listen to my stereo and watch movies at night and don't want to bother my neighbors.

I am open to buying used in the $700 range and could spend more if need be. Again, gotta image well and have good detail and resolution, with small amounts of low bass.
The new KEF LS50s are getting *rave* reviews, I would certainly look at those...

Used Totem Arro cost around $700-800. Can also consider Used Reference 3a Dulcet or If you are willing to spend more, go for KEF LS50 at $1500
Silverline Minuets are also very good in the areas you're looking for. Best of luck, mostly with regard to marriage.