Best sounding table radio ever...

A few caveats....

It can be old or current production.

It should be stereo rather than mono

It should be something I have a decent chance of finding.
In my humble opinion, if your looking for a really nice table radio, it's a Saba.
I have an older proton that kicks butt.Goodwill find 20.00.
Saba Continental 410 - biggest for sure and best IMO table radio ever. German look glass dial w/multiband and white keys to change bands. Two large circular knobs on either side. 14 tubes. Four 8" drivers, 5 total. Two eye tubes: one for signal strength, one for stereo. Electromechanical "seek". One knob internally rotates the ferrite bar antenna (for AM) for best reception. Has a wired remote option for seek and volume. Sounds wonderful, great reception. Aux in. It's about 20"X30" - a beast! It was offered in Europe and the States w/US models 120V. '63-'65 era. They are hard to find but very cool. Link :

Of course I think highly of it because I have one.

Would it be worth picking up a Saba model 200? Bob

Meridian F80!

Sure, it cost almost $3K, but it sounds so good even in huge rooms it's scary! Once you hear one you'll want it!
Meridian F80.. if you have a very large room or a BOSE Acoustic Wave Music System.. if you have a smaller room..........
I own the Boston Acoustics Recepter Table Top Radio. Please see
OK here's is your chance! There is a Saba Freiburg 14 in excellent condition w/remote on Ebay now. The seller is great, I have dealt w/him before. Anyone reading this post should see the link as it has 40 great pictures.

Forget saba, for about $200 you can get the Proton P300 with powered stereo speaker the P301. Best sounding radio evah. Usually on ebay.
The Saba went for $2,175! Whoa!

I vote for the Proton P300 and companion speaker P301 for stereo.I got a pair too,awesome sound and build.