Best Sounding Solid State Amp?

Shopping for a high-end solid state amp. Any advice is welcome.
For the money, I recommend Clayton amps. They have the bass control of solid state and a very tubey midrange. Check out the reviews. One mentioned the Clayton was the best sounding amp under $10,000.
Knowing your speakers and budget would help quite a bit. What kind of power do you need? What kind of music do you listen to?
Levinson Reference No.33, Lamm M1.1(hybrids actually), FM Acoustics (any model), Krell FPB600--these four brands would have to be at the top of most any list. All quite expensive unfortunately, though in this hobby, not actually the MOST expensive you can buy. Funny how that works.....
Threshold SA/1's mono-blocks.
Well indeed they are nice....but I would like to add the list Goldmund 28+ (I don't think you can do better under 10K) and over 10K try Jeff Rowland 12 or Goldmund 28.4+ mono pair.... Good luck
You did not indicate a price range, so I'll offer several options: Expensive amps (by my standards): 1. Ayre K-1 - very musical and smooth. Of the more expensive solid state amps I've heard, this is at the top of my personal list. 2. Moon W-5: a Canadian bargain. Medium-priced amps: 1. Bryston 7B-ST monoblocks Moderately-priced amps: 1. Bryston 4B-ST 2. Aragon 8088BB
If you have a chance look into the Sims W-5 amp Very well built and excellent reviews If lucky you might find a used one for about half the price I own one matter of fact I was so impressed with the line I bought the p-5 preamp and eclipse cd player Thanks
In my previous post, I failed to list Electrocompaniet's flagship amp. Mucho bucks, but an outstanding performer.
BEL 1001 Mark 3,4,or 5. Run in stereo 50 watts or in monobloc 200 wps.
Classe Omega
ultimate toys: since your only apparent criterion is "best sounding," i'd recommend the boulder 2050's. they're class a monoblocs rated at 1000 watts into 8, 4 and 2 ohms. best amps i've ever heard, solid state or tubed. BTW, i only wish i owned a pair.
I agree with Wda, the Brown Electronic Lab BEL MArk V 1001. I'd like to bi-amp my magneplanars 3.6's. I have auditioned them, the BELs, but only for a day. They pull more out of the music than most power amps. The best presence and soundstage in a SS amp I've heard. Yet, I am tube bound, but the BELs have my interest, my sincere interest. $4000 for each. If you can, give them a try. Unfortunately no web site.
I agree about the BEL 1001, only problem, unless you can afford a new one, the used ones are VERY rare on the used market.
Alephs (especially when driven by an Aleph P) for $$, and that incomparably-high-value Audio Refinement Complete Integrated for under $1k. Good Luck
try Spectron Musician II. You won't find anything that can touch it for three times the price.....
If you want some useful info instead of meaningless suggestions you need to provide much more info. What are other components in your system, what is your price range, what type of sound are you looking for etc. I don't respond to these type of threads because you haven't asked a serious qustion that can be given a useful response.
Second the Classe Omega, Levinson too.