Best sounding for MMG

Ordering a pair of MMG's from Magnepan. On a tight budget for amplification. Figured an integrated would be cheaper than a preamp-amp combo. Listen to mostly jazz and fusion, with other explorative stuff in between. Anyone's thoughts on an easy-to-find-used integrated amp for under $300 that would do the MMG's justice?
NAD would do OK. Good value for the $.
I would recommend the Rotel RA-972. Right in your price range and its crisp nature will complement the MMG's smoothness very nicely. There isn't one for sale here currently but they aren't rare.

However there are many options so you may need to experiement a little to find exactly the amp you want and like.

These love high damping factor to control the panels properly. Most amplification gets eaten alive with these because of improper control. Exposure, Cyrus, Rega and Sugden will provide this. The best I've heard these sound with SS is the old Hafler 120 and GAS Grandson amplifiers which grab hold of them and don't let go.

Damping factor and amperage are what you will need to pay attention to, not wattage.
$300 isn't much money but I recently sold a Sony TA-F707ES 90 watt integrated for less than $300. This is an outstanding amp for the money. It had no problem driving a pair of power hungry Eminent Technology LFT-8As in my system. Good luck.