What is the best sounding amp for Maggies 3.7?

I have Maggies 3.6R but I want to change them on 3.7. Currently I'm using Classe CA-M400 and Audio Research VTM-200. Before I had Krell FBP200C.My amps sound very different with combination of preamps I have such as AR Ref.3,Atmasphere MP3 and Bent Audio (fully balanced passive preamp). I would like to change my amps on one of your choices just to try something else.I'm open to all suggestions weather it is tube or SS. I like open sound that includes all audiophile jargon such as depth,wide soundstage,control of speakers,detail but no lushness in sound or sweet highs.Highs need to be real with hard splashes of cymbals...ok I understand the preamp plays a great role in achieving this - MP3 and Bent Audio can do it I believe.
Thank you all for your suggestions.
Never owned 3 series Maggies but have had 5 prs of other ones over last two decades.
My conclusions having tried at least 20 different amp/pre combos is that,with Maggies speaker cables are the critical element.
Sanders Magtech or Pass XA-60.5 or XA-100.5. These are some of the best amps that I have ever heard on Maggies.
I bought a Magtech when I bought my 3.7's and am very pleased with it. I even have considered the mono version but just didn't want to invest that much. They need lots of power and seem to be a good match, so far. Didn't try anything else because of my isolated location , based my decision a lot on recommendations here. Very cost effective. And the 30 day free trial makes it a no-brainer....something I"m very good at, according to some friends!
I have tried many cables with Maggies and I didn't hear much of a difference.If there was the change was subtle .
Mofimadness- I was thinking about Pass or Krell Evo series. Do you think XA60.5 would have enough headroom for Maggies?
Kaizan...I tried a pair of the Pass XA-60.5s on my Magnepan MG3.6s and my Martin Logan CLSIIAs and found it to be excellent, however, I really got a sense that I needed more power. I tried a pair of the XA100.5s and they were perfect, but I couldn't swing the funds for them.

I do have a larger room and listen a little louder than most, so that would be a factor.

I also found speaker wire to make little difference as long as it's a low capacitance, low inductance and low resistance design.

I actually settled on the Sanders. It's a terrific amp and a bargain at the price. HIGHLY recommended!
Kaizan, I would encourage you to listen to the 3.7's for a while. I think the 3.7's are a substantial improvement over the 3.6's. You may find that your current amps suits your needs. That said, you might like the new Cary SS amps. I have the 500.1 MBs. They do not share the euphonic character of their predecessor, the older MB 500's. I would put them just a wee bit on the warm side of neutral. You will have all the control of the Maggies you could want, and the Cary's work well with passives like your Bent.
I think your Classe is fine, the ARC VTM 200 is a bit lean in my experience. I would look to a Ref 5 ARC MKII, and find that a good improvement. Also, try a Bryston 14BSST2 or 28BSST2. I have had both 1.6 and 3.6 and the Brystons are very good. The Classe are also very good. Try a Pass but have the power at least 250wpc, or the dynamics suffer. For speaker cable, use something low capacitance of at least 8-10awg. The less strain on your amp, the better. The Maggies are well known for sucking the power out of an amp.
Also, try a Bryston 14BSST2 or 28BSST2. I have had both 1.6 and 3.6 and the Brystons are very good. Try a Pass but have the power at least 250wpc, or the dynamics suffer
Jallen, what are your thoughts on the Pass XA100.5 versus 14B SST2? (for MG3.7)
I tried a pair of the XA100.5s and they were perfect, but I couldn't swing the funds for them.

I actually settled on the Sanders. It's a terrific amp and a bargain at the price. HIGHLY recommended!

Mofimadness, how does the Magtech compare to XA100.5?
Thank you all for the recommendations.I will definitely look into Pass however not XA100.5 because of the same reasons Mofimadness passed on them.Maybe Pass 350 series.I am not sure why but I'm somehow sceptical about Sanders amplifiers despite terrific opinion on them working magic with Maggies.Please don't get me wrong,I'm not trying to disregard your opinion on these amp.It is just my oportunistic state of mind.
I waish I could try Bryston big 28SST2 amp - still out of my reach.
I have Parasound JC-1s with my 3.6s and they have proved to be an excellent pairing these last 5 years. I also think the Pass 350.5 would be an excellent pairing. Given that their retail prices (new) are similar, it may be beneficial to compare the two.
One other choice is class D, which has not been mentioned here.

I run Maggie 3.6's with W4S and am satisfied and able to afford it on my budget.
I just realized Pass XA100.5 would be within my reach if I sold my Classe CA-M400 and AR VTM-200 amps. This is very tempting but I might be left without possibility changing sound when my mood swings...hmmm.Then there is excellent 350.5 and Parasound is there as Sanders is...I will let you know.
I'd lean towards a good 80 w/ch tube amp like Rogue or any good Class D amp with 60Kohm or higher input impedance to match up well with most any tube pre-amp.

Good tube gear upstream somewhere + Maggies is generally a good pairing.
Hi all.I have been busy lately and had no time to continue with my thread...well I bought Pass Labs XA100.5 and I couldn't be happier. The amp ( or amps as this is monoblocks ) are pairing with Atmasphere MP-3 the best. The sound is absolutely out this world as 3 dimensionality and musicality is concerned.No fatigue,low level of details and the music doesn't jump out on you which I prefer.My Maggies transformed into different speakers with uncanny coherence and I can finally listen to the music for hours enjoying it and not thinking about what the components anymore.
Kaizan...excellent purchase! Those are the amps I will be buying someday when I have the funds. Just couldn't swing them this time out, but absolutely enjoyed my demo time with them. Nice preamp too!

Happy listening!
Arteck...the Sanders Magtech, I still consider a best buy for a high powered amp. It's an excellent amp and way easy to recommend.

However, the XA-100.5s are definitely a step above. If you have the funds for them, you won't be disappointed.

Either amp(s) should do the job quite well.
Mr A- Here's something else you may consider: (http://www.odysseyaudio.com/products-stratos-mono.html) They have been compared to some of the best SS amps out there and truly shine. What some owners(144) have said: (http://www.audioreview.com/cat/amplification/amplifiers/odyssey-audio/stratos/prd_116037_1583crx.aspx#reviews) Notes: The Stratos comes in both mono pairs and stereo versions, and there are various factory upgrades available. The Odyssey line is a handmade, stateside version of the Symphonic Line, of Germany: (http://www.symphonic-line.com/productline_amplifier.html)
Rodman99999...I have owned almost every amp that Klaus has ever made. Stratos, Stratos Plus, Stratos Extreme, Stratos Dual Mono and several pair of different Stratos Mono amps.

While these were all excellent, not in the same League as the Sanders or the Pass...IMHO. But, a very fine amp for the money, (especially used).
Mr M- Were any of the Stratos monos upgraded versions? In what areas of presentation did you feel the Sanders & Pass excelled, compared to the Stratos? Just curious, as to your experiences.
What amps are used to "voice" Magnepan speakers? Try to find this out--there has been a long-standing relationship between Magnepan and Audio Research here in the Twin Cities. You may want to call Audio Perfection, the only authorized dealer for both makes in MN. Ask for Mark or Eric.
I heard the 1.6 with CJ tubes. Sounded phenomenal very smooth and musical. Based on that experience I would love to hear the 3.6 is with ASL hurricanes. Apparently because of the Maggies purely resistive nature they work well with tubes. And everyone knows that if your speakers work well with tubes, you should use them as they sound much better than sand :)