Best sounding album/ download 2015

1; Carmen Gomes Inc.; Little Blue (Sound Liaison)

2; Gary Peacock trio ; Now This (ECM)

3; Doug MacLeod ; Exactly Like This (Reference Recordings)
I agree with you entirely on the Doug Macleod, a reference recording indeed. Absolutely spectacular sound and playing.
Second Dough MacLeod, fantastic album.

Also check out Nils Lofgrens "Live Acoustic" Vinyl reissue by Acoustic Sounds.

Good Listening

Liane Carroll - Seaside, 24/96 download from Linn Records
1; En Azul , Witmer Trio http://http//
2; Ysaye , Frederieke Saeijs http://http//
3; Touch and Flee, Neil Cowley 3 http://https//
This does not sound good, most of the music is transferred from cassette tape recordings..... but the music is mind blowing;
Weather Report; the Legendary Live Tapes.

Two fantastic recordings and relatively new artists introducing their first Albums in 2015.

Kasia Lins - "Take my Tears" - Linn Records - Wonderful new Jazz/Soul Singer. I have always felt that the best recordings can be found at Blue Coast Records and Linn Records.

***Here is one that is being offered by B&W Society of Sound.
The Lake Poets - Free 24bit album - B&W Society of Sound
The closest comparison would be perhaps a combination of Paul Simon and Jake Bugg.

Both are recorded and mastered exceptionally well....for me...two of the best new artists to enter the fray.

Finally, Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai - "Make It Rain" - Linn Records. Awesome SQ and wonderful music.
Correction....Keith Greeninger & Dayan Kai - "Make It Rain" is from Blue Coast Records.
Hamilton, the original cast recording I saw the show last week. It was as good as they say, and the recording does it justice. Great recording, sound staging and dynamic range. Highly recommended.
thanks everybody...keep ém coming, more suggestions.
Good but expensive thread :)