Best solid state amp for B&W 801 Matrix Series 2

I'm currently looking at the Bryston 14BSST2, but I'm not 100 percent sure. I already have a 4BSST.Would that be ok? But anyway, what would you guys and gals choose for the power hungry 801s? My spending limit is $7000.

Your responses are much appreciated. Thanks!
I didn't find them to be a particularly tough load at all..I ran them with Threshold ( Nelson Pass ) S/300 Series 2 amplifier with no problems at all.....They sounded fantastic.I would guess probably Pass Labs monos or another I would consider is the Parasound JC-1 monos should make them sing...Also hope your not using those crappy B&W Bass filters..Thats the first thing I dumped..Great speaker...I enjoyed them for many years.......
Classe' is often recommended for B&W's.
The best I have heard with B&W 801 is Mark Levinson No. 20.
Ok, thanks guys. I haven't heard Threshold in a long time. I've never heard Parasound and Classe. I don't care for Levinson. I used to own the No. 23 amp, and I hated it.
Dave_72, About the only thing a Levinson 23 and a No. 20 have in common is the name. However, the 23 is not a bad amp either. If you hated the 23 you most likely had a bad match. At any rate, it sounds like you already had your mind made up on Bryston, so why ask?
I did actually. It was matched to Apogee Stage speakers. Noth the speakers and the amp shut down and the tweeters blew.

True, but I wanted to know if the Bryston 14BSST2 has enough muscle to drive the 801s. It's not a cheap amp (to me anyway,) even used...
If this is the right 801, it is not an 'easy' load, rather an amp eater.

No tubes would probably work well, at least electrically.

Good sensitivity helps some, but look at the phase data:
My favorite s/s amp is Ayre
Dave: You really should check out the Sanders Sound Systems Magtech amp. I am driving a pair of Duntech Sovereign Speakers and it sounds magnificient. Check out their website. They have a 30 day free trial and a lifetime warranty. Just had a fantastice review in the Feb 2011 Absolute Sound. This amp will drive anything on the planet. 500 watts at 8 ohms and 900 watts at 4 ohms and it runs cool and doesn't weigh a ton. Try it, I think you might be shocked when you hear it on your B&W speakers
Soundlock: Thanks for the suggestion. The amp looks good, and the price is right. So, I just may try it out.
Add the Burson audio amps to your list. They last for years and have driving power.